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Justice Gordon Discusses His Return to Canada and Joining the University of Windsor Basketball Team

Justice Gordon, a talented guard transferring from Wayne State, recently made the decision to return to Canada and join the University of Windsor's basketball team under the guidance of head coach Chris Cheng. In an interview, Gordon shared insights into his motivations, the advantages of playing in a competitive Canadian environment, and the impact of Coach Cheng's coaching style on his decision and career goals.

When asked about what motivated his decision to transfer from Wayne State and return to Canada to play for the University of Windsor, Gordon emphasized the importance of being home. “Being able to be back in Canada honestly just feels right. I’ve learned a lot in the NCAA, but nothing beats that ‘home’ feeling. Being a part of a family, Coach Cheng, and the rest of the staff and players have created that feeling for me during the recruiting process.”

Gordon also highlighted how the University of Windsor's competitive environment would aid in his development and prepare him for a potential future in the CEBL via the USPORTS draft. He explained, “I think coming back and playing with a 24-second shot clock and adhering to FIBA rules will help with that transition as well. Coach Cheng has coached at many levels, and the knowledge he brings will guide me to become the best player I can be.”

One of the key factors in Gordon's decision was Coach Cheng's personal approach to coaching and his ability to connect with players on a deeper level. Gordon elaborated on this, saying, "Coach Cheng has genuinely tried to build a connection with me as a person. He has helped me create new goals while making the transition across the border. This relationship allows me to receive constructive criticism, understanding that as a player, I see the game differently on the court.”

Justice Gordon's return to Canada and his commitment to the University of Windsor signify a promising step in his basketball journey. With the supportive environment created by Coach Cheng and the competitive nature of Canadian basketball, Gordon is poised to develop his skills further and make a significant impact on the court. His decision not only reflects his desire to be closer to home but also his strategic approach to advancing his basketball career, potentially leading to success in the CEBL via the USPORTS draft.


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