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Thank you for checking out The Maple Minute website. I am a Canadian Basketball Recruiting Analyst, a Construction Foreman, and most importantly a Father to 2 boys, Sabre and Bronx. Here you will find out more about my goals behind The Maple Minute brand.

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Our Mission

As a Canadian basketball scout and recruiting analyst, my primary goal is to discover and promote talented basketball players from Canada, helping them achieve their goals both on and off the court. Through my company, The Maple Minute, I engage in various activities to provide exposure and support to these players.


One of the key aspects of my role is writing articles. I meticulously research and analyze the performances of Canadian basketball players across different levels, from high school to college, and even professional leagues. I keep a close eye on their statistics, skills, and overall potential, and then I compile this information into detailed articles. These articles serve as a platform to showcase the talents of these players, highlighting their strengths, weaknesses, and potential for growth.


Rankings play a crucial role in the world of basketball, and I take pride in creating comprehensive rankings for Canadian basketball players. These rankings are not only helpful for college recruiters and professional scouts but also for the players themselves. By providing them with an objective evaluation of their skills and performance, I empower them to work on their weaknesses and strive for improvement.


To further engage with the basketball community, I host a podcast through The Maple Minute. This platform allows me to discuss the latest news, trends, and player developments in the Canadian basketball scene. I invite players, coaches, and industry experts as guests on the show, enabling them to share their experiences, insights, and advice with a wider audience. The podcast serves as a valuable resource for aspiring players, offering them inspiration, guidance, and valuable knowledge about the game.


In the digital age, social media plays a significant role in promoting athletes and connecting with fans. Therefore, I invest considerable time and effort into building a strong social media presence for The Maple Minute. I create and curate engaging content related to Canadian basketball, such as highlights, player spotlights, and motivational posts. By leveraging platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I strive to create a vibrant community that supports and celebrates Canadian basketball talent.


Video editing is another important aspect of my role. I regularly review game footage and highlight reels of players, carefully selecting and editing clips that showcase their skills, athleticism, and potential. These videos serve as powerful visual tools for recruiters and scouts, providing them with a comprehensive overview of a player's abilities in a concise format.


Recruiting is at the core of what I do. I actively seek out talented basketball players across the country, attending high school and AAU games, as well as various tournaments and showcases. I establish relationships with coaches, players, and their families, building trust and rapport. By maintaining a strong network within the basketball community, I stay informed about emerging talents and potential opportunities for players.


Film breakdown is a critical component of the scouting and recruiting process. I thoroughly analyze game footage, focusing on individual player performances, team dynamics, and overall strategies. This breakdown allows me to assess players' decision-making, basketball IQ, defensive capabilities, and other intangibles that may not be captured by statistics alone. By providing detailed feedback and insights, I assist players in understanding their strengths and areas for improvement.


Building and nurturing relationships is an essential part of my work. I regularly communicate with college coaches, professional scouts, and agents, ensuring that they are aware of the talented players I've identified. I collaborate with them to help connect players with suitable opportunities, such as scholarships or professional contracts. These relationships are built on trust, credibility, and a shared passion for the game, enabling me to effectively advocate for the players' best interests.


In summary, as a Canadian basketball scout and recruiting analyst for The Maple Minute, my work is multifaceted. Through articles, rankings, a podcast, social media engagement, video editing, recruiting efforts, film breakdown, and relationship building, I strive to provide exposure, guidance, and support to talented Canadian basketball players. By shining a spotlight on their skills and potential, I aim to help them achieve their goals in basketball and in life.


I am always looking to connect with athletes, coaches and parents, don't hesitate to reach out.


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