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1 on 1 with Sean Blake: The Future Vermont Catamounts Floor General


Sean Blake, a prospect who's been on my radar since I can remember. I first heard about Sean during his early days with TRC Academy. He impressed me again in-person playing for Justin Alliman with Dream Chasers in the Canadian National Invitational Tournament. I was blown away with his athleticism and silent but effective leadership skills. At a young age Sean was an exceptional prospect. He had a breakout season with Victory Prep before transferring to powerhouse Royal Crown for his Post-Grad year. In his summer leading up to his debut at Royal Crown he truly broke out on an international scale with UPLAY Canada on the Nike EYBL Circuit. Sean went on to be unanimously named to the All Canadian Game in 2024 & ended up committing to the University of Vermont. The Catamounts have made March Madness the past three seasons and Sean will look to make an immediate impact with his new team this fall. Sean took some time out of his rigorous summer training to conduct and interview with us at The Maple Minute. I asked Sean a variety of questions to delve deeper into his journey thus far and foresight into the future of his career.


JM: How has your experience as a point guard at Royal Crown Academy prepared you for the transition to collegiate basketball at Vermont?

SB: “My experience as a point guard at Royal Crown Academy has been invaluable in preparing me for the transition to collegiate basketball at Vermont. The importance of the responsibilities of the point guard position are constantly stressed and have allowed me to grow not only as a basketball player but as a better person. Moreover, Royal Crown’s structured schedule is practically ingrained in me. Whether it’s early morning practices or late-night training sessions, my coaches at Royal Crown have prepared me to meet the demands of collegiate athletics. Most importantly, my time at Royal Crown has built a winning mentality within me. I am confident that I can contribute to Vermont’s already successful program. I am excited to continue my journey as a student-athlete at Vermont, building upon the foundation laid by Royal Crown Academy.”

JM: What aspects of your game do you feel will make the biggest impact for the Catamounts in your freshman year?

SB: “In my freshman year, I believe my ability to penetrate the paint and create scoring opportunities will make the biggest impact for the Catamounts. My speed and agility allow me to break down defences, draw defenders, and either finish at the rim or find open teammates on the perimeter. Additionally, my playmaking skills will help initiate effective pick-and-roll situations and keep the offence dynamic. My ability to push the pace in transition and apply defensive pressure will also contribute to our overall team success.”

JM: Winning a championship with Royal Crown Academy must have been an incredible experience. How do you plan to carry that winning mentality and leadership into your college career?

SB: “Winning a championship with Royal Crown Academy taught me the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and strong leadership. I plan to carry that winning mentality into my college career by setting high standards, leading by example, and fostering a culture of hard work and unity within the team. I’ll stay focused and disciplined, both on and off the court, and encourage my teammates to do the same. By remaining composed under pressure and continuously motivating my teammates, I aim to inspire confidence and drive in our pursuit of success at the collegiate level.”

JM: As a lightning quick point guard, how do you plan to utilize your speed and agility to your advantage in the competitive America East Conference?

SB: “As a lightning-quick point guard, I plan to utilize my speed and agility in the America East Conference by pushing the pace in transition, creating fast break opportunities, and keeping opposing defenses on their heels. Defensively, I’ll apply pressure on ball handlers, force turnovers, and disrupt the opposing team’s rhythm. Overall, my speed and agility will be key in creating scoring opportunities, enhancing our defensive intensity maintaining a high-tempo game.”

Photo by Andrew Reginald

JM: Leadership is a crucial aspect of being a point guard. How do you plan to lead by example both on and off the court for the Vermont Catamounts?

SB: “As a point guard for the Vermont Catamounts, I plan to lead by example both on and off the court by consistently demonstrating a strong work ethic, maintaining a positive attitude, and putting the team before myself. On the court, I’ll prioritise communication, stay focused during practices and games, and always give my best effort, whether it’s executing plays, defending, or encouraging my teammates. Off the court, I’ll uphold high academic standards, engage in community service, and support my teammates. I aim to inspire and elevate the team, contributing to a cohesive and motivated unit.”


Sean Blake’s journey from Royal Crown Academy to the University of Vermont is a testament to his dedication, skill, and leadership. As he prepares to join the Catamounts, his experiences and mindset promise to bring a new level of energy and excellence to the team. Vermont fans can look forward to seeing Sean’s dynamic play and leadership on the court, as he continues to grow and make his mark in collegiate basketball.

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