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2024 CEBL Free Agency-February To March Protected List Signings

Updated: Feb 29

As we get closer and closer to the beginning of summer and the sixth season of CEBL basketball, each of the ten teams have a job to do before the fun can begin. They all need to secure players for their rosters. Each of the ten teams have the option to put players on their "Protected List." The purpose of that list of players is to ensure that certain players of your choosing are not allowed to talk to any other team for a specific period of time. In this case, teams have from February 1st up until March 2nd to speak to those players on their "Protected List" and those players may only speak to that club until that March 2nd date to work out a re-signing with that club. If no agreement is come to between the two parties, then the player becomes a free agent mid-day on March 2nd and may speak to whoever they wish. As well, players not on a "Protected List" may sign with whoever they wish beginning on February 1st. With that explanation out of the way, let's talk about each teams signings so far! Out of the nine signings so far in the 2024 Free Agency window, only one is a non-protected player re-signing. Let's look at who is coming back to the CEBL this summer!

Note: This article will be updated up until March 2nd, at which there will be an overall signings piece released and updated once the Free Agency window is completely open.

Vancouver Bandits

Here are the Vancouver Bandits' signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

Nick Ward

Ward is one of the best pure big men in the CEBL. He has plenty of post moves and is an above average rim protector. He is mobile enough for his size and rebounds well. A smart re-signing for a Bandits squad that is trying to get back on track after a not so successful 2023, where they only made the Championship Weekend because they were hosting.

Kobe McEwen

A signing that came out of left field from the Bandits. McEwen was not on the Brampton Honey Badgers "Protected List" (no one was to be fair) and Vancouver scooped up one of the best scorers in the CEBL. A former 6th Man of The Year winner, McEwen is a fantastic bucket getter and isn't too shabby as a secondary guard playmaking. A great signing for the Bandits.

Duane Notice

One of the better bench pieces in the league, Notice has re-signed with the Bandits for the 2024 summer. One of the better defenders in the CEBL, Notice also brings three point prowess to the table. If Notice is to start, he and McEwen could provide to be one of the better complimentary backcourts in 2024, with their differing but working styles. A fantastic start to Free Agency for Vancouver.

James Karnik

Not a re-signing per say for the Bandits, but a player who is familiar to the Vancouver organization. Karnik was last in the CEBL in 2022, where he enjoyed a successful summer with the Bandits. Karnik is a complete scorer, who can post up and get buckets or hit catch and shoot shots from the outside. He also has the ability to put the ball on the deck and get to the hoop that way. He is an average rebounder, and an ok rim protector. If Vancouver are able to bring back Giorgi Bezhanishvili, I really like how the front court big man rotation looks. They could end up having the scariest rotation in the league if that happens.

Winnipeg Sea Bears

Here are the Winnipeg Sea Bears' signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

Teddy Allen

The first overall re-signing of the 2024 season had to be the 2023 CEBL MVP Allen. Not much more to say other than he may in fact be the best player in the league. He will be the on court leader for the Sea Bears and most likely lead them in many statistical categories.

Chad Posthumus

I just mentioned that Allen may be the on court leader for the Sea Bears, Posthumus is the off court leader. His experience and the intangibles he brings is why Posthumus is back. We saw him begin the year as a starter, then his minutes tapered off towards the end of the season. I expect to see those minutes at the end of the season be the same here in 2024, being a solid energy player off the bench.

Alex Campbell

There had been rumblings of a move from Alex Campbell to the Winnipeg Sea Bears for much of the off season. Credit to Joey Slattery who had the inside scoop first. Campbell is a fantastic signing for the Sea Bears and should slot perfectly into the starting lineup. He is one of the best defenders in the CEBL, while also being a great scorer with three point shooting. Those were two things Winnipeg lacked last season, being a bottom tier defensive group and not having enough shooting around Teddy Allen. When looking at the stats from 2023, it may have been a down year for Campbell statistically, you can bet with a better team (and the reigning MVP) around him, he will bounce back. A perfect signing for Winnipeg, who is trying to continue their upwards trajectory after a successful first season.

Mason Bourcier

Other than bringing Teddy Allen back, this may be my favourite signing of the window so far. A great way to describe Bourcier is a crafty player. He's a fantastic passer with great vision, getting creative with passes and fakes. He is a good ball handler, where he gets creative there as well with different combos to break down defenders. His finishing could be described as crafty, twisting his body at the rim for better angles. Next to his passing, Bourcier's best asset is his outside shooting. His ability to stretch the floor will be key for the Sea Bears, either starting or coming off the bench. A young, fun player for Head Coach Mike Taylor to work with and I can see having a breakout summer.

Saskatchewan Rattlers

Here are the Saskatchewan Rattlers' signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

Anthony Tsegakele

A former CEBL U-Sports Draft Pick of many seasons, Tsegakele is a great defender who showed great upside and strides offensively last season at the pro level. He was coming off his best collegiate year and continued that momentum into the summer. That momentum has only kept going, with Tsegakele playing in the first division in France. I love his game and can't wait to see how he has progressed after a year overseas.

Ottawa Blackjacks

Here are the Ottawa Blackjacks' signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

James Jean-Marie

Another solid defending bench player re-signing that has scoring upside. The French Canadian is having a solid year in Hungary and should provide solid depth to the Blackjacks this summer.

Edmonton Stingers

Here are the Edmonton Stingers' signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

Brody Clarke

Arguably the best player on last season's Stingers roster is back. Clarke is a modern big man who is mobile, can play either the four or the five while scoring inside and out. He is also an above average rebounder and rim protector. Clarke is a key piece to a Stingers team looking to build off of what was a better second half of the season and playoff success.

Elijah Miller

Another smart "Protected List" re-signing for the Stingers. Miller was a bench option for much of the year, up until Adika Peter-McNeilly got hurt halfway through the summer. The Miller was thrust into a starting role and thrived until he himself got injured. More of a scoring guard, Miller can get it done inside or outside the arc. He has also showed upside in creating for his teammates and is a average defender. A young piece that Head Coach and General Manager Jordan Baker wanted to bring back, and someone who he believes will take another jump with his club this summer.

Adika Peter-McNeilly

So far the Stingers have only brought back players on their "Protected List" but they are good, smart signings. APM, a former 6th Man of The Year winner, is a great bench guard who scored, rebounds and playmakes a bit. He is also a decent defender to go along with what he brings on the other side of the court. APM only appeared in 10 games last summer, where his season ended by injury. We will see how he bounces back in a familiar environment, where he has been in the league every single season of its existence and even with the same franchise.

Montréal Alliance

Here are the Montréal Alliance's signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

Alain Louis

One of my favourite younger players in the CEBL, Louis took a great leap forward in 2023. He became the main guard for the Alliance and took that a step further throughout the season, becoming one of their key cogs later into the season. I would assume even if the Alliance bring back star two guard Ahmed Hill, Louis will get plenty of touches. His speed, playmaking and scoring ability at the rim is so much fun to watch. He also showed upside shooting from beyond the arc, which could add a great extra wrinkle to his game.

Elijah Ifejeh

Not a flashy signing by any means here from the Alliance, but one of depth and familiarity. Ifejeh was one of only two players to play all 20 games last season and played about the same number of minutes as games played last season. He is a, do a little bit of everything forward that scores some and rebounds well. My assumption is he keeps his bench role and continues to improve, as he was even the Alliance's most improved player.

Niagara River Lions

Here are the Niagara River Lions' signings so far in the "Protected List" stage of CEBL Free Agency.

Khalil Ahmad

The reigning Defensive Player and Clutch Player of the Year is back with the River Lions. While Ahmad was a later addition to the Niagara roster, it did not take him long to get settled back into a familiar league. His stats speak for themselves. A prolific scorer inside and out, while also being a menace on defence. Did I mention that he was also a MVP runner-up last season and won the award in 2022? Ahmad is the key to this River Lions squad and they'll be happy to have him back.

Jahvon Henry-Blair

Blair will once again be Ahmad's running mate in the back court for 2024. He is a responsible guard that doesn't give up the ball too much, playmakes in small bunches but is another scoring threat for the River Lions when on the floor. Blair does most of his damage from beyond the arc, where he was among the best in the CEBL at 44%. He and Ahmad will be hugely important for Niagara's push towards another top spot in the Eastern Conference and in the league overall.

Eddie Ekiyor

Returning for his second year with the River Lions, Ekiyor is enjoying an explosive second pro year with Sporting CP in Portugal and is hoping for it to carry over into the summer. The 6'9" forward was also good with Niagara in 2023, where he split time between starting and coming off the bench and bringing big contributions on minimal shot attempts. He is an above average rebounder and can protect the rim decently well. Another important piece to the River Lions success is accounted for and should keep their ceiling high for this summer.

Antonio Davis Jr.

The fourth signing in a single day for the River Lions, but this one no less important than the three previous. Davis is returning for his third straight summer to Niagara and brings valuable play to a talented squad. A do it all Swiss Army knife forward, he is versatile in where he can slot into a lineup and the multitude of stats that will be filled on a score sheet. Scoring more so inside, Davis also has enough range in his game to make you pay from deep. Another good rebounder from the wing spot and a solid defender. After announcing the four different player signings this afternoon, the River Lions look poised for another push a top of the CEBL. With Ahmad and Davis, they also still have another U.S. import slot available to them.

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