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2024 CEBL Season Preview and Predictions

We are just one day away from the 2024 CEBL season getting underway! Having gone through each of the ten teams rosters over that same time period, it is time that I do my complete overview for the entire league for the season! This article will cover what I think will be the major storylines of the summer and where I think the final standings will sit at. Before we get going, a final congratulations to the Scarborough Shooting Stars for being the current reigning champions. Let's see if you can be the second franchise to ever repeat. Without further adieu, let's get into the things to watch for 2024!

Upgraded Talent Across The Board

One note I wanted to make is that not only do the top teams in this league have immensely good rosters, the league seems to have upgraded as a whole. We have entered a new era here in the CEBL, just six years in. This league is starting to attract many of the top talents across the world and especially in it's own country. While there are tiers of teams, the gap between them does not seem very vast because the level of player has been improved as a whole. We saw a high level of basketball in year five, and that level of play is only going to be better this summer. The CEBL as a league should be proud of their achievement and excited for what it will do for their exposure.

The Title Fight Is A Quartet

After having sung the league's praises for their overall increased talent level on this summers rosters, let's dig into who are the real contenders in 2024. Out of the CEBL's ten teams, there are four of them that has the potential to hoist the title at Championship Weekend in Montreal. The Niagara River Lions, the Scarborough Shooting Stars, the Winnipeg Sea Bears, and the Edmonton Stingers. Those four to me have the best built rosters, with the best makeup of Canadians and imports. The reigning champs have added two of the best players from the Ottawa Blackjacks in Kadre Gray and Jackson Rowe, while bringing back Cat Barber and Kyree Walker. The River Lions add Nathan Cayo from the Montreal Alliance, while bringing back essentially the same squad from 2023. The Sea Bears return the reigning MVP Teddy Allen, while adding a lot more talent around him, which should allow for his load to be a little less than 2023. The Stingers brought back a mix of returnees, while also elevating the talent around Brody Clarke and Nick Hornsby. These four teams will be battling it out for CEBL supremacy in 2024 and challenging each other for top spot in their conferences.

West Coast Sleeper

One of the more anticipated teams last year has become one of the underrated squads this summer. The Vancouver Bandits struggled to get going in 2023 after lofty expectations. While having a better roster this year, many people are skeptical to have high expectations, based on last season. Bringing back Nick Ward, one of the best big men in the league is a plus. You also return the best player in U Sports Diego Maffia, who showed really well in his limited opportunities last summer. One of their biggest acquisitions was signing Kobe McEwen away from the Brampton Honey Badgers. New imports Zach Copeland and Taze Moore should be other contributors in the back court. All in all, expect this Bandits side t surprise some people and be higher in the standings, if they can put it all together.

Predicted Standings

It wouldn't be a CEBL overview article without some predictions for the upcoming year! I will preface that these are before the season has started and we have not seen any of the teams play one another. I will also note that each team will have a record beside their name and that is just a placeholder to give a sense of where I think they will finish. Without further adieu, here are my predictions for the 2024 CEBL season!

Eastern Conference

  1. Scarborough Shooting Stars (14-6)

  2. Niagara River Lions (14-6)

  3. Ottawa Blackjacks (11-9)

  4. Brampton Honey Badgers (9-11)

  5. Montreal Alliance (7-13)

Western Conference

  1. Winnipeg Sea Bears (13-7)

  2. Edmonton Stingers (13-7)

  3. Vancouver Bandits (10-10)

  4. Calgary Surge (8-12)

  5. Saskatchewan Rattlers (6-14)

Championship Weekend Final Four

Host: Montreal Alliance

Eastern Conference Representative: Scarborough Shooting Stars

First Western Conference Representative: Winnipeg Sea Bears

Second Western Conference Representative: Vancouver Bandits

2024 CEBL Champion: Scarborough Shooting Stars

I predict that we will have our second ever repeat champion in the Shooting Stars! With that out of the way, enjoy the summer everyone, it's going to be a good one!

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