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2024 Western Canadian JUCO Watch List

Updated: Feb 12

Welcome to the 2024 Western Canadian JUCO watch list. This is for players in search of a post secondary program & for coaches in need of high quality prospects. I hope this list can help NJCAA programs recruit from the Great White North. For more information on any of the prospects listed below please reach out to LongShotsScouting on Instagram or X.


Israel Ogbebor - CTA West - 6’4 Combo Guard 

  • Israel stands out as an exceptional catch-and-shoot shooter, consistently delivering accuracy from beyond the arc. His impressive 6'11" wingspan adds a defensive edge, making him a versatile force on both ends of the court.

Jada Bolok - Med Hat High - 6’7 Wing/Forward

  • Jada is an explosive forward, known for his incredible bounce and polished post-finishing skills. His elite footwork sets him apart, enabling him to navigate through defenders with finesse. On the defensive end, Jada's shot-blocking prowess adds an extra layer of protection, making him a formidable presence in the paint.

Abeeng Agot - WCPA - 6’7 Wing/Forward

  • Abeeng is a dynamic wing player, showcasing an impressive style that involves playing above the rim. Abeeng's great efficiently getting to his preferred spots on the court is a testament to his basketball IQ and offensive skills. He consistently demonstrates the ability to score the ball effectively, making him a reliable and exciting presence on the wing.

Akok Ajou - WCPA - 6’6 Wing/Forward

  • Akok stands out as a forward with impressive scoring versatility. His reliable 3-point shooting is complemented by a strong presence in the paint, showcasing a well-rounded offensive game. As a true three-level scorer

Nick Samba - CTA West - 6’3 Combo Guard

  • Nick is an exceptional rebounder. He plays with great pace, showcasing a strong sense of timing and control on the court. Nick's athleticism is evident in his effective rim attacks, making him a dynamic presence in both transition and half-court situations.

Samuel Issac - Legacy Prep - 6’4 Wing

  • Sam is a unique prospect known for his effective 3-point shooting and a remarkable 40+ inch vertical. He excels in rim running and is a constant lob threat on the court.

Randy Otieno - Edge Prep - 6’6 Wing

  • Randy is a versatile scorer with the ability to shoot from anywhere on the court. He's effective at getting to his spots and knocking down shots, showcasing a well-rounded offensive game. Randy has the athleticism to make big level plays above the rim.

Akec Abiamwol - WCPA - 6’5 Combo Guard/Wing 

  • Akec stands out for his ability to blow by defenders with impressive speed, getting him to the rim. His elite finishing skills make him a reliable scorer in close-range situations. Akec's skills extend to the defensive end, where his length becomes a valuable asset, getting in the passing lanes and contributing to his well-rounded game.

Osagie Okundaye - Riffel Highschool - 6’5 Guard

  • Osagie is a athletic guard who stands out for his excellent ball-handling skills. He's known for his ability to make smart decisions consistently, he brings a high basketball IQ to the game. Osagie is a reliable three-point shooter.

Sam Friesen - CTA West - 6’5 Forward

  • Sam is a high-energy forward that lives above the rim who excels coming off the bench. He brings a dynamic and impactful style of play, making winning contributions with his athleticism and ability to energize his team.

Sam Mudia - WCPA - 6’4 Combo Guard

  • Sam is a strong defender and a reliable scorer who can get to his spots and make shots consistently. His defensive prowess and scoring makes him a valuable asset, showcasing a high level of skill on both ends of the floor.

Josh Campbell- PSA Prep - 5'9 Point Guard

  • Josh is a true point guard that does it all. Josh can shoot the ball and finish around bigger defenders but he is a truly gifted passer. Josh is top of his class for his playmaking abilities.

Cairo Wells - CTA West - 6’8 Wing/Forward

  • Cairo is a sharpshooter from beyond the arc, boasting a high shooting percentage. Cairo is extremely athletic throwing down some impressive dunks.

Hayden Sansalone - FV Mountaineers - 6’3 Combo Guard

  • Hayden is a floor leader, recognized for his ability to excel in transition by efficiently distributing the ball to teammates. He stands out as a high-level scorer while also being a big defensive presence.

Alex Baulne - Lambrick Park - 6’7 Forward

  • Alex is a versatile forward, showcasing the ability to shoot from beyond the arc and clash down in the paint. His proficiency extends to the paint, where he demonstrates great footwork. Beyond his on-court skills, Alex is recognized as a great leader, bringing valuable intangibles to his teams dynamic.

Luke Linder - CTA West - 6’4 Combo Guard

  • Luke Linder is a top prospect out of Western Canada. Luke’s ability to shoot the ball is huge for CTA West. He’s shooting over 70% on dribble pull ups this year around 15 feet. Shoots the ball well from three and is great at getting into the paint and finishing off two

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