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5 Eye Catching Prospects from the LIVE period.

This past weekend was the Finals week for multiple shoe circuit AAU programs, from Nike EYBL Peach Jam & Under Armour Next circuits finals. Over the weekend I did my best to keep close tabs on all the Canadian prospects in action and the following 5 players really left a burning image in my brain after the conclusion of the games. Let's take a look at some of these outstanding Canadian prospects.

Josiah Francis - 6'9" Forward, Canada Elite

Josiah Francis stood out during the recent Under Armour live period with his impressive skill set. As a 6'9" forward, he possesses great athleticism and excels at catching lobs, making him a valuable target in pick-and-roll situations. What sets him apart is his ability to handle the ball and make plays as a passer. He has excellent court vision and can distribute the ball effectively, especially in transition. With his combination of size, athleticism, and passing ability, Francis shows promising potential as a versatile player at the college level.

Ishan Sharma - 6'5" Shooting Guard, UPLAY Canada

Ishan Sharma caught the attention of many scouts and coaches during Peach Jam live period while playing for UPLAY in the EYBL. The 6'5" prospect has emerged as a rising star, earning multiple offers from college programs (offers from Harvard, Yale, Eastern Michigan, Arizona State & Rice). His performances showcased his well-rounded game, with skills that contribute to both ends of the court. Sharma possesses solid scoring abilities, whether attacking the rim or shooting from the perimeter. He shot 45% from both the field & 3 point land. His defensive skills also stood out, as he demonstrated good instincts and effort on that end of the floor. His combination of basketball IQ, size & skill make him one of the top players in 2024 hands down.

Romell Russell - 6'2 Point Guard, Canada Elite

Romell Russell, representing Canada Elite, exhibited the potential to become an elite scoring floor general. Despite his calm demeanor, Russell displayed a fierce competitiveness with the ball in his hands. He showcased a knack for scoring in various ways, including driving to the rim, hitting mid-range jumpers, and shooting from beyond the arc. Russell's ability to create his own shot and his scoring versatility make him a valuable asset on offense. Going to be a big season for him at the helm of United Scholastic Academy's offense.

Nicholas Niare - 6'5" Shooting Guard, Mississauga Monarchs

Nicholas Niare, a 2025 prospect playing for the Mississauga Monarchs, has attracted attention from several Division I schools and earned his first official offer from St. Bonaventure with his performances during this past weekend's live period. Standing at 6'5", Niare possesses the size and shooting guard skills that make him an intriguing prospect. His scoring ability is highlighted by his shooting range and shot creation. Additionally, Niare has shown potential as a versatile defender, utilizing his size and quickness to guard multiple positions effectively.

Bashir Ngala 6'3 Shooting Guard, UPLAY Canada

Bashir Ngala, a 2025 prospect playing up for UPLAY Canada, made a strong impression during the EYBL live periods. Despite competing against older players, Ngala established himself as a dominant force on the court. As a highly skilled player, he possesses a well-rounded game that contributes in multiple aspects. Ngala's athleticism, strength, and aggressiveness make him a formidable presence both inside and outside the paint. With his performances, he has positioned himself as a top contender in the stacked Canadian class of 2025.

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