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Canadian JUCO Watch List 2023.

Updated: May 27, 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Canadian JUCO watch list, this is an ongoing blog post that will be consistently updated as players commit and/or become available. This is for players in search of a post secondary program & for coaches in need of high quality prospects. Each player on this list has been given both the seal of approval from their coaches or rival coaches & myself as a Canadian Basketball Recruiting Analyst. Similar to theScore's NBA Free Agency tracker but this will include available prospects, not just signees. I hope this list can help NAIA, NJCCA & CCAA programs recruit from the Great White North. For more information on any of the prospects listed below please reach out to Josh Millican on Instagram or Twitter @themapleminute.


Sean De Kovachich - Orangeville Prep - 6'5 - Forward

  • Impressive size and athleticism, excels in transition game

  • Solid perimeter shooter with range well beyond the arc

  • Strong rebounder and defender, one of the toughest kids in the country.

D'Andre Ormsby - Lincoln Prep - 6'3 - Point Guard

  • Quick and shifty guard with excellent ball-handling skills

  • Exceptional court vision and passing ability, makes teammates better

  • Reliable outside shooter, can also finish at the rim through contact

Jacob Ngoyi - Patrick School - 6'2 - Shooting Guard

  • Plays with incredible tempo and pace

  • Deadly three-point shooter, possesses a quick release and range

  • Strong ball handling skills and ability to create his own shot

Deandre Rowe - St. Pats/ONLX - 6'4 - Shooting Guard

  • Smooth scorer with a versatile offensive game

  • Attacks the basket fearlessly, finishes well through contact

  • Solid defender, uses his length to pick pocket and disrupt passing lanes

Jason Sache - All Saints/ONLX - 6'3 - Guard

  • Physically strong guard, can overpower opponents on drives and in the post

  • Effective mid-range shooter and paint scorer

  • Tenacious defender, applies pressure and forces turnovers

Jahsemar Olembe - Kitchener Collegiate - 6'5 - Shooting Guard

  • Long and athletic wing player with a high motor

  • Strong rebounder on both ends of the floor

  • Improving shooter with the ability to knock down shots from beyond the arc

Andrew Loyuk - Kennedy Prep - 6'2 - Point Guard

  • Super polished guard with the ability to bully other guards

  • Coachable as they come with a great work ehtic

  • Can create for himself and others

Nathaniel Smith - New Horizon Academy - 6'1 - Point Guard

  • Elite penetrator with ability to get to his spots with confidence

  • Above average basketball IQ and court vision

  • Can score from all 3 levels

Ajang Tong - CTA West - 6'6 - Forward

  • Versatile forward with good athleticism and mobility

  • Excels in transition and finishing at the rim

  • Developing offensive skills and rebounding presence

Felly Njilayi - Canada Top Flight Academy - 6'6 - Forward

  • Athletic forward with good size and versatility

  • Strong rebounder and shot blocker

  • Shows promise as a perimeter shooter and defender

Marcell Sherwood - Northstar Prep - 6'8 - Forward

  • Incredible athlete, one of the best in the province

  • Solid rebounder and interior scorer

  • Uses length and instincts to disrupt passing lanes

Faruq Balarabe - WCPA - 6'7 - Forward

  • Athletic forward with good strength and agility

  • Effective in the paint and on the offensive glass

  • Active defender with shot-blocking ability

Randy Otieno - Centennial - 6'3 - Guard

  • Quick and crafty guard with good ball-handling skills

  • Strong scorer, especially in transition and off the dribble

  • Active defender, uses quickness to disrupt opponents

Richard Moses - 6'3 - Guard - COMMITTED TO DOUGLAS COLLEGE

  • Quick and elusive guard with great handles

  • Creative playmaker, excels in pick-and-roll situations

  • Solid three-point shooter, can create his own shot

Isaiah Panom - WCPA - 6'9 - Forward

  • Long and athletic forward with good shot-blocking ability

  • Developing offensive game, can finish around the rim/ lob threat

  • Active on the boards, crashes for rebounds

Tayshon Potoma - RISE - 6'0 - Guard

  • Quick and agile guard with good ball-handling skills

  • Excellent three-point shooter, especially off the catch

  • Competes on defense, applies pressure on the ball

Sam Lufulabo - United Scholastic Academy - 6'11 - Center

  • Tall and mobile center with good length

  • Solid shot blocker and rebounder

  • Developing offensive game, shows major promise as a post scorer

May 23rd 2023

Chris Simunovic - Terror Prep - 6'2 - Shooting Guard

  • The best shooter on this list far and away, over 1000 points and 200+ made 3's

  • Basketball IQ is through the roof but still a student of the game

  • Can get it done off the bounce or catch and shoot, reliable as they come

Justice Small - Terror Prep - 6'4 - Small Forward

  • Relentless rebounder with excellent timing and position

  • Overly efficient in creating/finishing second chance opportunities

  • A lockdown versatile defender

Khedit Gatluak - St. Mary's - 6'6 - Small Forward

  • Next level athleticism and vertical

  • Can guard a variety of positions with his length & foot speed

  • College ready frame and motor

May 27 2023

Daniel Smith - Northstar Prep - 6'3 - Shooting Guard

  • Unbelievably crafty 2-guard who excels at attacking close-outs

  • Can score from all 3-levels with efficiency

  • Coachable as they come

Ronald Mael Keutcva Nana - Shawinigan Prep - 6'11 - Center

  • Extremely long & athletic big man with great body control for his size

  • Raw but promising footwork and jump shot

  • Can put the ball on the floor and attack in the half court

Malik Gibbs - 5'11 - Lincoln Prep - Point Guard

  • Incredibly gifted iso-player, knows exactly how to get to his spots

  • Tight handle and is not phased under pressure

  • High end basketball IQ and court vision, operates well in P&R

Bobby Mabeny - 6'4 - Edge Prep - Shooting Guard

  • Knockdown shooter with great floor spacing and awareness

  • Crafty with the ball in his hand with ability to set up teammates off the dribble

  • Pesky defender who utilizes his length to disrupt passing lanes

Majer Malou - 6'5 - Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute - Small Forward

Uthman Fakih - 5'11 - Scarborough Prep - Point Guard

  • Shifty guard with great foot speed

  • Excels in transition and gets down hill in a hurry

  • Can get in the paint and create or score

Gustave Kabemba - 6'5 - TLAP Sports Academy Florida - Shooting Guard

  • Big guard who can bully other guards or small forwards with his size

  • Great shooting stroke from beyond the arc

  • Scoring touch is as polished as your sisters nails

Harsimratpreet Sohal - 6'4 - Terror Prep - Shooting Guard

  • 3-point specialist who doesn't mind shooting a transition triple

  • Spaces the floor well

  • Solid length on defense and understands sets

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