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Canadians taking over Women’s Basketball!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Multiple Canadian teams and prospects were at the scene in Washington, DC for the She Got Game Classic as a majority of the NCAA Coaches were sidelined to evaluate the talent infront of them. In this article, we will highlight ten prospects who showed out this weekend as top recruits in North America.

Deniya Prawl, 6'2, IMG ACADEMY

Deniya Prawl, a premier Guard in the class of 2025 who can really do everything on both sides of the court. Her combination of size, skill and work ethic really puts her in the conversation as the top recruit in North America. Prawl's versatilty on the offensive ends ranges from inside-out. She has one of the tightest handle on the ball and smoothest mid ranges in today's game.


Jasmine Bascoe, 5'6, Kings Christian (Villanova Commit)

Jasmine's performances in the She Got Game Classic showcased her elite athleticism and skills. Her shot making skills is one of her best attributes. Her IQ for the game is high and shes extremely coachable. She popped off for 30 points this last weekend in DC, hitting shots from all over the court. Bascoe is undoubtedly a top-tier prospect, in the class 2024, who should be on every coach's radar.


Chance Berry, 5'10, Royal Crown

Chance Berry is the youngest in charge in North America. She is only 14 years old, class of 2027. Chance is one of the toughest all around players in this class, she brings a real edge to her game. She's always having the most fun on the court as shes always competing to win. When you speak with her she couldn't be more humble and respectful but on the court she'll rip your head off. She still has alot to work on but has the highest potential.


Cearah Parchment, 6'2, Fort Erie

I think Cearah is the best available true big in the class 2025 as we apparoach Christmas break. She is a true big who can rebound, defend, facilitate, shoot & score. She was unstoppable this past weekend as she took any shot she wanted down low and not much players could really stop her. I love her enthusiasm on the court and her ability to communicate and make plays with her court vision.


Toby Fournier, 6'3, Crestwood Prep (Duke Commit)

Toby Fournier always puts on a show every game! She controls both sides of the game as the defensive ancor and always demanding the ball on offense applying pressure towards the oppossing defense. She can dunk with ease. Class of 2024 and already commited next year as a Duke Blue Devil.


Olivia Leung, 5'10, Crestwood Prep (Dayton Commit)

Olivia Leung is another Canadian prospect who plays for Crestwood Prep. She displayed her versatility and efficiency as a guard, scoring from all three levels, rebounding, and passing. She also demonstrated her leadership and maturity as a player, running the offense, making smart decisions, and playing hard. Leung is one of the best shooters in the class of 2024 and has already commited to Dayton.


Syla Swords, 6'0, Long Island Lutheran (Michigan Commit)

Syla Swords is a versatile guard who can play inside and outside, Swords has a smooth shooting stroke and a high basketball IQ. She can handle the ball, create her own shot, and finish at the rim with either hand. She also has good vision and passing skills, making her a threat in transition and in the half-court. She is currently ESPN's 11th ranked player and has already commited to Michigan next year.


Amani Nethersole, 5'5, Royal Crown

Nethersole heated up this weekend in Washington, demonstrating her ability to call plays and hit three-pointers. Her leadership on the court was evident, and her shooting accuracy made her a valuable contributor. Incredible athleticism and playmaking skills, if she can get everything to click she could be a major steal for a D1 program. Class of 2025.


Savannah Swords, 6'2, Long Island Lutheran

Savannah Swords, younger sister of Syla is also ESPN 13th ranked for the class of 2026. A long and athletic forward who can protect the paint and run the floor, Swords i is a rim-protector who can block shots and alter shots with her length and timing. She is also a good rebounder who can start the fast break with her outlet passes. Keep an eye out for her as I can see her making a major leap next year.


Keana "KJ" Foz, 5'9, Fort Erie (Wagner Commit)

Arguably a top 5 guard in the class of 2024. She stood out this weekend, as she was Fort Erie vocal leader on the defensive side of the floor and she controlled the offensive tempo running there sets. Shes coming back from last years injury but it doesnt seem like shes lost a step, if anything she's looking more polished and determined than ever.


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