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Davanté Hackett — the Canadian Jamal Crawford commits to Brock U


In has fallen, Davanté Hackett, a highly skilled guard with an extraordinary playing style, has committed to play for Brock University this fall. The talented prospect, whose journey has taken him from St. Edmund Campion to Bill Crothers, culminated with a triumphant victory at the Ontario Scholastic Basketball Association (OSBA) Championship as a member of the Royal Crown Academy. Hackett's commitment to Brock is set to shake up the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) league and propel the Badgers to new heights under the guidance of Head Coach Willy Manigat.

Known for his electrifying performances on the court, Hackett has drawn comparisons to the likes of Jamal Crawford and a young Dwyane Wade. Just like Crawford, he possesses an uncanny ability to create his shot and mesmerize defenders with his lethal handles and silky-smooth footwork. Hackett's mesmerizing crossovers and impeccable ball control have left opposing teams scrambling to defend him, often caught in his wake as he slices his way to the basket.

However, it is his breathtaking lay-up package that truly sets Hackett apart. Like a young Dwyane Wade, he possesses a rare blend of finesse & adaptability around the net, fearlessly attacking the rim with an array of acrobatic finishes that defy the laws of gravity. Whether it's a graceful reverse lay-up or a thunderous slam, Hackett's finishing abilities have earned him a reputation as one of the most exciting scorers in the province.

With Hackett's commitment, Head Coach Willy Manigat and the Brock Badgers have secured a game-changer for their program. Known for their competitive spirit and relentless work ethic, the Badgers have consistently challenged the top teams in the OUA. Hackett's arrival is expected to inject a new level of excitement and offensive firepower into the squad, potentially catapulting them to the forefront of the conference next season.

I chose Brock because I felt like it was the best place where I could continue to develop & grow into the player I want to become. - Davanté Hackett

This was Davanté's response when I reached out about his decision to commit to the St. Catharines, ON based University. As Hackett prepares to embark on his collegiate journey at Brock University, he is focused on taking his game to new heights and making a lasting impression on the OUA. His dedication to his craft, combined with his unwavering determination, make him a force to be reckoned with on the court. I asked him what exactly he will bring to the Badgers next season, here is his response:

What I’m bringing to the team is being a DOG on both ends of the court and most importantly a winning mentality. - Davanté Hackett

The USPORTS basketball world will be watching closely as Davanté Hackett steps onto the hardwood for the Brock Badgers this fall. With shades of Jamal Crawford's flair & finesse, Hackett has the potential to become a household name in Canadian University basketball. Buckle up, OUA fans, because the rise of Davanté Hackett is heating up in a hurry, and the Brock Badgers are poised to reap the rewards of this exceptional talent.

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