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Dorian Glogovac, Swiss Army knife out of Vancouver.

Current Grade 11 in Vancouver has been impressing many coaches and scouts in BC, this week we Have 6 foot 5 Guard/Forward Dorian Glogovac.

Glogovac is having a breakout year with the Saint George’s Saints who are currently ranked number five in the province. Glogovac’s game is super mature as he takes smart high percentage shots and looks to get his teammates involved.

Glogovacs scoring ability is undeniable as he has all the features of a three level scorer, having the ability to finish strong above the rim and has a soft touch around the bucket. Dorian’s shot making ability is also elite as he lets the game come to him and makes high level reads to get easy buckets.

What impresses me most about his game is the ability to put the ball on the floor, at 6”5 Dorian is very quick and decisive with the ball in his hands. Glogovac can be the primary ball handler and playmaker on the team or stick him out on the wing as a scorer where he goes to work.

Dorian is a super versatile player with all the intangibles of a university athlete. Attending the school of Saint Georges, Glogovac is proving to be post secondary ready attending one of the best schools in Canada.

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