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Five Canadian Standouts from Prep Hoops — Rocky Mountain Mayhem

Our guy David Harmon out of Saskatchewan, hit the road to Denver, Colarado for the Prep Hoops event 'Rocky Mountain Mayhem'. He's bringing us 5 Canadian eye-catchers that stood out to him on his 18 hour trek.

The Prep Hoops circuit will host 40+ tournaments and feature some of the best teams over the summer. This past weekend, I was able to attend the Rocky Mountain Mayhem tournament in Denver, Colorado, and watch 7 Canadian teams that had traveled down from Saskatchewan to take part and test themselves. Overall, the Canadian teams had 16 wins and 12 losses. Here is a glimpse of some of the standout players over the weekend:


Moe Osman

- Position: G

- Height: 6’2

- School: Holy Cross Saskatoon

- Class: 2026

Osman is a long athletic guard who is a smooth finisher around the rim. He was able to take over at the end of several close games and lead his team to victory. His long, lanky frame allowed him to be disruptive on the defensive end and grab key rebounds. He showed the ability to finish above the rim and also from beyond the arc.


Faisal Mahadhi

- Position: G

- Height: 6’1

- School: Walter Murray Saskatoon

- Class: 2026

Faisal is a player who just gets it done on the court. Watching him play, he shows that he can do just about everything. Throughout the tournament, he played many different roles based on what the team needs. He has a great finish around the rim, shoots the ball from range, and makes smart passes to put his teammates in good positions. Where he stands out the most is on the defensive end; his motor is elite, and he has an impact on every possession.


Cooper Mckechnie

- Position: G/W

- Height: 6’2

- School: Martin Regina

- Class: 2025

Mckechnie was tenacious on defense over the weekend and made an impact for his team. His ability to keep smaller, quicker guards in front of him was impressive. He also showed the ability to be an impact shooter when called upon.


Obama Lasu

- Position: G

- Height: 5’10

- School: Harvest City Regina

- Class: 2027

Lasu did it all over the weekend. In his first chance to play south of the border, he brought energy when he was on the floor. He is another smooth player who uses his athleticism to impact both ends of the floor.


Sacha Scoular

- Position: F

- Height: 5’10

- School: Campbell Regina

- Class: 2028

Scoular was the utility player for his team and did just about everything over the weekend as his team went 4-0. Showing the ability to play all 5 positions effortlessly and doing the intangibles that his team needed.

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