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Florida Gators land 7’7 Olivier Rioux from IMG Academy

Olivier Rioux via Adidas 3SSB Instagram

With the opening of the NCAA Signing Period in Novemeber, the Florida Gators have just secured a commitment from a towering force in the paint with: Olivier Rioux, the 7'7" sensation from IMG Academy and Brookwood Elite & Team Canada. Rioux, a Guinness Book of World Records holder for being the world's tallest teenager, brings an unparalleled physical presence to the court.

Head Coach Todd Golden and the Gators are set to welcome this extraordinary talent, whose ceiling seems to reach the clouds. Standing tall as the second Canadian big man to emerge from IMG Academy, following in the footsteps of last seasons NCAA Player of the Year, Zach Edey, Olivier Rioux is poised to make a distinctive mark.

Comparisons with Edey are inevitable, considering their shared IMG pedigree. Yet, Rioux's towering slightly height sets him apart—7'7", a dimension that cannot be taught or replicated. In terms of his peers in the 2024 class, it becomes clear that Olivier Rioux's sky-high ceiling presents a unique advantage, transcending the conventional bounds of the game.

In the world of college basketball, where size often translates to dominance, the addition of Rioux to the Florida Gators roster adds a dynamic element that could tip the scales in their favor. Stay tuned as the college basketball world eagerly anticipates the impact of Olivier Rioux, the towering Canadian ready to leave an indelible mark on the courts of the NCAA.

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