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"From Texas to California: Jasman's Journey as the Only Indo-Canadian in NCAA Division I Basketball"


In this exclusive interview, we have the privilege of delving into the remarkable journey of Jasman Sangha, a Brampton basketball icon. His recent transfer to California State University, Northridge (CSUN) marks a pivotal chapter in his career, offering a fresh canvas upon which he aims to paint a legacy of inspiration and determination. From the hallowed courts of Texas A&M Corpus Christi to the vibrant basketball arena of CSUN, Jasman's path is defined by his unwavering passion for the game and a profound motivation that transcends the boundaries of sport.

Josh Millican: Jasman, congratulations on your transfer to CSUN! Can you share with us your journey from Texas A&M Corpus Christi to California State University, Northridge? What motivated you to make this significant move?

Jasman Sangha: What motivated me is my friend who passed away recently, Mantaj Mundi. And just remembering the conversations that we had in the past how much he believed in me, it felt like a disservice to him and myself to not go to the highest level I can go to and prove to the world I am a great basketball player.

Josh Millican: Being the only Indo-Canadian in NCAA Division I basketball must come with unique challenges and opportunities. Can you tell us about some of the peaks and valleys you've experienced during your basketball career and how they have shaped you as a player and person?

Jasman Sangha: Definitely the peaks were when I committed to TAMUCC and I had the whole community behind me and supporting me, it felt like the whole world was supporting me which was great but it came with a little bit of pressure to preform for my country and my people. But just being the only Indian on the court 99 percent of the time made me play with a chip on my shoulder. Being indian definitely made me a better person and player.

Josh Millican: Basketball is a demanding sport, and the road to success is often paved with obstacles. Can you share a particular struggle you faced and how your perseverance helped you overcome it?

Jasman Sangha: I feel like I’ve been hit with obstacles most people haven’t. Back to back years I’ve missed due to unfortunate circumstances and just being off the court for that long and not having a chance to compete on the court kind of changed my mentality towards the game and life. To be grateful and enjoy each moment. My story is been a hell of a story but it’s only getting better. It was hard to get over it and most people would have quit but knowing who I am as a person and how my parents raised me, quitting wasn’t an option. Just the trust I had in God and my work was the reason I got through it and my teammates who didn’t let me sit in the room all day and be sad. I owe a lot to Trey Tennyson and Jordan Roberts who made sure I never felt defeat and made sure I never had negative thoughts. Many people who I thought were my mentors gave up on me and told me to move on. This next year is to prove everyone that anything is possible no matter what is in the way. I’m living proof of never giving up.

Josh Millican: Now that you are part of the CSUN Matadors, what are your overall plans and aspirations for this season? How do you aim to make an impact on the team and on the court?

Jasman Sangha: I aim to make a major impact from day 1. My ability to score the ball is what me and Head Coach Andy Newman have talked about. He believes I can come in and be an effective player right away. But my goals are very simple, win conference, win conference tournament and be an all conference guy in year 1. Me, being apart of 2 March Madness teams is going to help this program move in the right direction. I know what winning looks like.

Josh Millican: The coaching staff at CSUN must have played a crucial role in attracting you to the university. Can you tell us about the qualities that make them stand out and how you believe they can contribute to your growth as a player?

Jasman Sangha: No doubt. We got a staff that believes in my ability to score and know I can get back to the dominant player I was in junior college. They are excited to coach me and I’m excited to learn from them. I’m excited to get coached by a proven winner in Andy Newman. The love the showed from day 1 was unmatched, and it all goes back to their belief in my game and my scoring ability. I’m also excited to learn from former pros who are my coaches like Scott Cutley, Bobby Brown, and really smart coaches in Coach CJ and Jamestown I feel like they can take my game to the next level on both sides of the floor. Really really excited.

Josh Millican: Committing to a college basketball program requires careful consideration. What were the key factors that influenced your decision to join CSUN, and how do you think this environment will foster your development both on and off the court?

Jasman Sangha: The factors were very simple for me, an opportunity to play right away, an opportunity to get better on a daily basis, and be around good people who I can trust. Lastly be in a position to win. Win a lot of games…

Josh Millican: Every player brings something unique to the team. In your case, what sets you apart from other players in NCAA Division I basketball? How do you plan to leverage these qualities to make a significant impact?

Jasman Sangha: I think what sets me apart is being Indian. Being the only guy on the floor that is Indian. That makes me play with a chip on my shoulder. I feel like Indian hoopers don’t get respected so I go out there and make them respect me and my game. Also, my abilities on the court along with my story is unmatched, it just goes to show that whatever is thrown my way I will never quit, you can take everything away from me but the love for the game will never fade. Being 1 of 10 Indian players maybe less is a very big statement, it means I’m one of the best in my community that’s a heavy load to carry and I’m prepared and ready to do so.

Josh Millican: Transitioning to a new university and team can be both exciting and challenging. How do you plan to adapt to the CSUN basketball culture and contribute positively to the team's dynamics?

Jasman Sangha: It’s definitely exciting, and the coaching staff has welcomed me with open arms and preached to me what goals they have for me and what I need to do to get on the floor to have an impact. I just want to do whatever it takes to win basketball games.

Josh Millican: Looking ahead to your basketball career, what legacy do you hope to leave as the only Indo-Canadian in NCAA Division I basketball, and how do you plan to inspire future generations of athletes from diverse backgrounds?

Jasman Sangha: To never give up. From going to JUCO to d1 and being hurt for 2 years to going back d1 is not easy. A lot of sleepiness nights and days I thought my career was over but all that , I overcame because my love for the game never faded. The legacy I want to leave is I want to be the best Indian basketball player ever, I want to inspire many more kids with my story and the key message of the story is to never give up. I plan to inspire them with my story. My story goes to show that anything, I mean anything is possible.


Jasman Sangha's story embodies the essence of resilience, aspiration, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence. From a humble beginning to becoming the only Indo-Canadian athlete in NCAA Division I basketball, Jasman's journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and unshakable determination. As he takes the court as a CSUN Matador, Jasman carries not only his dreams but also the hopes of future generations who dare to chase their passions against all odds. His legacy will echo through the annals of basketball history, inspiring countless athletes from diverse backgrounds to embrace the mantra of never giving up and to strive for greatness, no matter the challenges they face. With Jasman Sangha, the story is far from over; it's a narrative of relentless spirit and boundless possibilities.

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