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Get to Know: Carson Anderson - Waterloo’s stock-rising star

Written by Jaysen Perez-Carey

Photo from NPH CNIT

In the last three years, my journey in coaching and observing high-level high school basketball has been nothing short of thrilling. Amidst a pool of extraordinary talent, one player has consistently emerged, demanding of the attention and spotlight — meet Carson Anderson, a 6 ft 4 Guard from the Class of 2026 in Waterloo. Join me as I had the pleasure of sitting down and getting to know the narrative of this stock-rising star, a potential game-changer for any roster. 

Carson says his love for the game began growing up in Toronto,

“I really think it was the lifestyle and atmosphere I wanted to be around all the time. I viewed it like an art form and made it something I wanted to perfect the art itself. So when I made the move from Toronto to Waterloo in Grade 9 I took it as an opportunity to try something new and something I knew I would love.”

From picking up the game at grade 9 to CNIT (Canadian National Invitational Tournament) MVP just this past summer, speaks volumes on just how dedicated this kid is to being the best player out there. When you walk into any gym he is undeniably the hardest worker there. Carson has this focus and ability to tune in unlike a lot of other players I’ve seen at his age. As Carson's confidence in his game elevated, so did the success of his team:

"We went to Montreal, and that’s where I really began to find my confidence was when we brought home the Brookwood Championship."

Regarding his outlook entering the CNIT and any contemplation about earning the MVP, Carson reflects:

"I really didn’t start thinking that(MVP) until the finals and not until the game was over. I really think it was because I was just so tuned in and focused, and that’s what allowed us to get that far is that I wasn’t focused on being the leading scorer; I wanted to help my team win… Winning MVP just meant a lot to me because it helped me understand that I can be that MVP, I can be that main guy with a team that can win." 

So how high is the bar set for Carson Anderson? Let’s get into it. 

Carson’s relentless offensive approach makes him a handful for defenses, reminding you at all times that you can’t and won’t forget about him on the court. Blending the agility typical of a guard with the physicality of a forward, he navigates defenses with a perfect mix of finesse and power, making him a tough matchup for most defenses as shown with his effortless 20 PPG. A true gym rat, Carson is consistently in the gym developing and refining his skills night and day with the latest addition to his game being a smooth jump shot that is quickly becoming a trademark of his. While Carson initially played a forward role in his career thus far, his recent transition to the guard position showcases adaptability and his desire to want to be the best he can be from wherever on the court. Despite being relatively new to the guard role, he embraces the challenge with enthusiasm, finding joy in involving his teammates and leading the players on the floor. Just a constant spark plug for any team, you don’t have to ask him to bring the energy. He remains humble and committed to the overall success of the team, striving to bring unity among teammates and creating an environment where everyone is motivated to perform at their best. Defensively, he remains a nightmare for opponents with tenacious on-ball defense, disrupting passing lanes, forcing turnovers, contesting shots and hustling for loose balls. His commitment to defense stands as a testament to his all-encompassing dedication to the game. However, what truly distinguishes him is his unparalleled work ethic — a constant presence as the hardest worker in the gym.


When I asked him what keeps him so motivated he told me,

“My Uncle. He plays for Team Canada wheelchair basketball team in the Paralympics. And back in the day he was ranked #1 in the whole world for wheelchair basketball… Growing up and getting to watch the behind the scenes of a high level athlete you know, being a great father, and uncle, and just a great person and seeing what he was able to accomplish through his dedication, it just really inspired me to follow that same path.”

Carson also noted that if it weren’t Coach Anthony and Coach Eddie Perez’s (Waterloo Wolverines) belief in him that he wouldn’t be the player he is.

“It motivated me to take the game a lot more seriously”

Carson stated,

“When you have people who believe in you like that it makes you feel like you have a lot more to prove.”

Not shy to the gray areas of his game, Carson says that being on the ball more this season has been an adjustment for him. He says,

“It's a lot of pressure. But it's good to have that pressure. It keeps you honest.” 

As the season unfolds, I look forward to watching Carson Anderson's impact on the high school basketball scene. Truly one of the most humble players I have ever had the pleasure of working with and speaking to, when asked about what’s next for Carson? He told me,

“Just striving to reach my full potential. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I know that with whatever opportunities that my hard work brings I will be happy with.”

Day in and day out, he can be found in the gym, showcasing an unmatched dedication for the game that sets him apart from other talents. The future is undeniably bright for this 6 ft 4 Guard, and with the CNIT MVP under his belt, it is safe to say his hunger and pursuit of wanting to be the best is destined to propel him to even greater heights.

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