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Get To Know Kavon Bradford, from Oregon to Edmonton to Buffalo

As a massive advocate for College Coaches to recruit Canada, it's incredibly refreshing to see how the University of Buffalo has filled their recruiting class with Canadian prospects. Now the man I am about to interview below is not technically a Canadian but he played his finally year in the beautiful Edmonton, Alberta and by doing so he is now a honourary Canadian in my books. Introducing the newest Buffalo Bull, Kavon Bradford of Western Canada Prep Academy.

Congratulations on your commitment to the University of Buffalo! What factors influenced your decision to choose Buffalo, and what are you most excited about as you prepare to join the Bulls?

As soon as I spoke with Coach G and Coach Presutti I knew it was a perfect fit. The way they want to play and what they want at my position is a great fit. I am most excited to be competing and getting better at the highest level of college basketball. I am also excited to get out to Buffalo.

Western Canada Prep Academy, under the guidance of Head Coach Sunny Sooch, has produced several talented players. How did your time at Western Canada Prep Academy help prepare you for the Division I level, both on and off the court?

Coach Sunny has taught me so much on the court, we have put in countless hours working in the pick n roll and just sharpening my PG skills. Off the court he’s been teaching me the business side of basketball. WCPA gave me the platform, development and opportunity I needed to get to D1.

What specific skills or lessons did you learn at Western Canada Prep Academy that you believe will translate well to your college basketball career at the University of Buffalo?

As I said earlier, me and Coach Sunny have spent countless hours sharpening my PG skills I think my ability to get downhill and guard any guard put in front of me is what will translate best for me right away.

With your commitment to the University of Buffalo, what are your personal goals and aspirations for your collegiate basketball career, and how do you envision contributing to the success of the Bulls?

My main goal as I commit to Buffalo are to get better everyday playing against great competition and ultimately using this opportunity to prepare to get an opportunity at the pro level. I see myself being able to contribute right away by being a leader in the locker room and on the court, I also believe I can defend multiple positions right away and impact the game defensively for us at Buffalo.


It's inspiring to witness the University of Buffalo's commitment to recruiting Canadian talent, underscoring the growing influence of Canadian basketball on the international stage. While Kavon Bradford may not be a native Canadian, his time spent honing his skills in Edmonton, Alberta, has undoubtedly earned him the title of an honourary Canadian. As we welcome the newest addition to the Buffalo Bulls, Kavon Bradford, it's clear that his decision to commit to Buffalo was influenced by more than just basketball; it was about finding the perfect fit both on and off the court. With a coaching staff that aligns with his vision and a desire to compete at the highest level of college basketball, Bradford is poised to make a significant impact. His experience at Western Canada Prep Academy, under the guidance of Head Coach Sunny Sooch, has equipped him with not only the skills to excel on the court but also the business acumen necessary for success beyond the game. As Bradford embarks on his collegiate journey, his dedication to continuous improvement and his commitment to contributing as a leader and defensive stalwart will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the Bulls' quest for success. Congratulations to Kavon Bradford on his commitment to the University of Buffalo, where he's poised to leave an indelible mark both as a player and as a leader.

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