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Hudson Ward commits to Penn State

In a groundbreaking announcement, Canadian basketball sensation Hudson Ward of WCPA, the #1 unsigned prospect according to The Maple Minute rankings, has officially committed to Penn State University. Standing tall at an impressive 6'8", Ward brings a unique blend of athleticism and defensive prowess that sets him apart as a game-changing impact player.

Ward's unreal compete level on the court has turned heads in the basketball world, showcasing his relentless drive to excel in every aspect of the game. His postional size, combined with exceptional agility, makes him a formidable force both offensively and defensively. Ward's commitment to Penn State not only solidifies his dedication to the sport but also marks a significant milestone in his journey as he steps into the arena of Division I basketball.


The Leduc, AB prospect's defensive prowess is nothing short of exceptional, demonstrating an innate ability to read the game, block shots, and disrupt opponents' strategies. His presence on the court has been likened to a defensive anchor, capable of turning the tide in favor of his team with strategic plays and unmatched court awareness.

Penn State University's basketball program is undoubtedly gaining a gem in Hudson Ward. His commitment reflects not only his incredible talent but also the culmination of years of hard work, discipline, and dedication to honing his skills. As he embarks on this new chapter, Ward's impact is poised to be felt not only within the university's basketball program but also on the national stage.


Ward's journey from a top unsigned prospect to a Division I commit is a testament to his attitude & work ethic. Penn State University is set to witness the rise of a basketball prodigy, and the anticipation among fans and basketball enthusiasts is palpable. Hudson Ward's story is one of triumph, and his commitment to Penn State is a celebration of his extraordinary talent and the promising future that lies ahead in the realm of college basketball.

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