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Interview with Lake Land College Freshman -- Sean De Kovachich

While hosting a Pre-Season showcase last Fall at The Playground Burlington, I had my first chance to see Sean De Kovachich of Fort Erie International Academy in person. I was instantly drawn to his game. It was something about the way he was going against the grain in a lot of ways but initially it was his undershirt below his jersey that caught my eye. Most kids going with the compression look or undersized matching shirt to their jersey. Sean was the complete opposite, he had on a beige oversized skateboarding shirt. Its a miniscule observation but a move I respected in a day and age where kids only want to follow the trends.

Sean proceeded to impress me in warm ups with his smooth shooting stroke, crafty ball handling skills and ability to finish above the rim. I was immediately forced to take notes on this Montreal prospect running with first year FEIA Coach Steve Houston. Steve had really impressed me with the work he had done with Burloak Academy the previous season and was encouraged to see Kevin and Steve together.

Throughout the game Sean made play after play that contributed to winning basketball. Not the most vocal guy on the court but hands down the toughest. No one wanted any problems with Sean, from dancing around small guards trying to play him on the perimeter to flat out bullying bigger forwards in the paint. I was captivated with his play style.

I got the chance to interview Sean after the game, we spoke about his expectations for the season and what he can bring to the team. Sean would later transfer to Orangeville Prep in the second half of the season to join his brother Kevin De Kovachich. I kept tabs on Sean throughout the season and he actually was the first prospect I made my commitment graphic for on Instagram. Here is a brief interview with Sean and myself heading into his Freshman season at Lake Land College.


What made you choose Lake Land College and what are you going to bring to the program next season?

Sean: For the next chapter of my basketball career/education I chose [to commit to] Lake Land College, first of all because I had great conversations with the Head Coach, also because of their experience and facilities. I can't wait to get started and I think I'll be a good addition to the team with my shooting and scoring skills.

Tell me about your basketball journey thus far, when you fell I love with the game, what influenced you to start playing & your experience at Orangeville Prep and Fort Erie International Academy?

Sean: My journey actually started with soccer! I was pretty good at it but didn't have that much fun. So at around 7 years old I tried basketball... and that was it! It was 'love at first dribble' as they say. Since then I never stopped playing, I love everything about the game. Definitely influenced by Kobe! Playing basketball just feels so natural to me. My experience at Fort Erie was amazing, I enjoyed everything over there, the staff and teammates, its a great program (shout out to Coach Steve Houston and my teammates). Honestly, the only reason I transferred is because I felt like it was my last chance to play with my brother [Kevin De Kovachich]. But shout out to Coach Ray and Coach O for always supporting me.

If you had one piece of advice for Canadian kids like yourself who want to follow in your footsteps of playing college basketball, what would it be?

Sean: My advice for Canadian kids that love the game is to just work work work, keep pushing and don't loose hope!

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