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Jovan Milicevic: The Canadian Basketball Sensation announces his commitment to New Mexico

Written By Josh Millican - The Maple Minute

Photo via Jovan Milicevic Twitter page


It's exciting times in Canadian basketball as one of the top prospects in the entire country, Jovan Milicevic has announced his commitment today. Standing at an imposing 6'10", Jovan has captured the attention of scouts, coaches and fans alike with his remarkable talent, both on and off the court. It is now official, the University of New Mexico - the Lobos - is his next destination. A recent visit to the Lobos' campus suggests an exciting chapter in his basketball journey.

I have been following along with Jovan's journey since his days at Richview. The size he had at a young age along with his fluidity are what first caught my eye. Secondly, his demeanor off the court and how he handled himself really impressed me. This kid was clearly the real deal from an early age but his humility made it seem like he was just a regular kid. On the contrary, he's anything but.

Hailing from the CIA Arizona program, Jovan's potential attracted offers from basketball powerhouses such as Oregon, Arizona State, UCLA, and more. But what sets him apart isn't just the list of offers; it's his well-rounded game and the journey that's led him to this point.

From representing Team Canada to showcasing his skills in the BioSteel All Canadian game, Jovan's ascent has been nothing short of meteoric. He's a standout from the NBA Basketball Without Borders, where his international prowess was on full display. Not to mention, his title as the Jane and Finch Classic and Canadian National Invitational Tournament Champion with his trainer Filip Music.

Jovan's ability to shoot the ball at an elite level and his leading scorer status briefly in the Nike EYBL with AZ Unity underline his on-court prowess. However, it's his deep understanding of the game that truly sets him apart. He's one of those rare prospects who have been honing their skills since childhood, and it shows in his incredible feel for the game.

While Jovan has been developing his skill set at Dream City Christian in Arizona for multiple years, his future with the Lobos promises to be a captivating chapter in his journey. He brings with him a complete toolbox with size and mobility. With the commitment now official, the excitement surrounding his move to New Mexico is sure to be palpable.

Jovan Milicevic, a name that will soon resonate in the world of college basketball, and the Lobos might just be the perfect canvas for this Canadian sensation to paint his masterpiece.

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