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Manitoba Player Spotlight of The Week: Jeremiah Ige

To go along with my weekly Manitoba AAAA High School rankings, I want to shed some spotlight on prospects here in Manitoba. This week's spotlight is on Vincert Massey's Jeremiah Ige. Ige is a 6' 2" combo guard in the class of 2025 (current Grade 12 senior), that creates great offence for himself and others, while defensively he is a pest with quick hands to poke balls loose from the opposition.

The part of Ige's game that impresses me the most is his shot creation off the dribble in the mid-range. That dribble pull up is the best in the province bar none. But it doesn't stop there, he is more than adequate getting to the rim. He has decent ball handling skills, and isn't waved by much defensive pressure. I got the chance to ask Ige what he thought was the most underrated part of his game, and he had this to say:

"It's my defence. Every time I step on the court it’s full court pressure till the buzzer sounds."

That I can believe. He uses his length and quick hands to bother opposing ball handlers. He also has above average athleticism, with his quickness with or without the ball being the eye catcher. He has also shown flashes of good playmaking skills, which helps with defences keying in on his offensive abilities. One aspect of Ige's game that he has and continues to work on is his three point shooting. His percentage has improved, but he continues to work on it to become more of a knock down threat. I also asked him what are his goals for the remainder of the season for himself and the Trojans as a team. Here is what he had to say on that:

"For myself it's to be top 5 in the end of the year rankings. As a team, we all agreed upon being Provincial Champions, nothing less. Last year we were a good team, top 3 in the province, but we don’t want to be remembered as another good team who couldn’t get the job done."

Ige has heard from multiple U Sports schools, but is also open to playing a post-graduate season at a Preparatory school next year. We will definitely be keeping up with his progress for the remainder of the year!

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