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Meet the Rising Star from British Columbia, Canada: Robin Benipal

In the vibrant landscape of basketball talent emerging from British Columbia, one name has been on my radar and my Twitter feed lately, with remarkable skill and determination. Robin Benipal, standing tall at 6'6", is carving his path in the Canadian basketball landscape. In this exclusive interview, we dive into his journey, aspirations, and the unique perspectives he brings to the game.

Josh Millican: Robin, you've been making a name for yourself as a standout player from British Columbia. Can you tell us about your journey in basketball and how you got started?

Robin Benipal: I had started playing basketball for fun in the 5th grade but had only realized I had a future in it during the 9th grade & it’s only been a upward progression from there.

JM: Being 6'6" gives you a unique advantage on the court. How do you leverage your height and versatility to impact different aspects of the game?

RB: I use my height to my advantage combining my athleticism with my shooting ability to either get a shot off on shorter defenders or being able to blow by taller defenders.

JM: British Columbia has produced some remarkable basketball talent. How has the basketball culture there influenced your development as a player?

RB: Over here in BC (British Columbia, Canada) I’ve developed a underdog mentality because the exposure here is a lot less prevalent in terms of scouting social media.

JM: The 2025 recruiting class is full of incredible players, yet you're often described as underrated but promising. How do you handle the expectations and continue to improve your game?

RB: I’ve been just taking it a day at a time trying to improve every aspect of my game. I just need to continue to work everyday on my weaknesses.

JM: Your recruitment process must be quite interesting. Can you share your thoughts on the schools that have shown interest in you so far and what you're looking for in a potential college program?

RB: I’ve had a couple schools show interest but I’m trying to gain the attention of more schools coming this upcoming school year through my performance. In terms of a program, I’m looking for a school that I can develop as a player & a person.

JM: Balancing academics and athletics can be challenging. How do you manage your time to excel both on the court and in the classroom?

RB: I know how important my academics are, so I make sure to either spend a couple hours before or after practice to get all my school work done daily.

JM: Every player faces setbacks at some point. Can you share a challenging moment in your basketball journey and how you overcame it?

RB: Quite recently, in May I had suffered a Grade 2 ankle sprain, I wasn’t able to run for more than a month. All the momentum I had coming for the summer was put to a stop and I was forced to sit out. When I did come back around end of June, I made it a focus to not only get back to where I was but be even better than that.

JM: Basketball often teaches important life lessons. What are some values you've learned from the sport that you carry with you off the court?

RB: I’ve learned how to stay humble, become more disciplined, and that my hard work can all translate to my life outside of basketball.

JM: As you continue to grow as a player, what specific aspects of your game are you focused on improving to take your skills to the next level?

RB: I want to focus more on my playmaking and becoming a PG with my reads, either off of ball screens or just knowing when and who to kick out to. I am also heavily focused on my ball handling.

JM: Playing at a high level requires mental toughness. How do you prepare yourself mentally before games and handle pressure situations on the court?

RB: I usually envision the game before hand, things like; me making a shot or me missing a shot just so when I’m in the game I know how to react. I also just have confidence in my abilities and I trust myself on the court.

JM: Finally, Robin, looking ahead, where do you envision your basketball journey taking you? What are your long-term goals in the sport? Thank you, Robin, for sharing your insights with us today. We wish you all the best in your basketball career and beyond.

RB: I see myself playing this game at the college level. My long terms goal in the sport are to have a life outside of it and use the opportunities I have on the court, to have a good life off of it.

Basketball isn't just a game for Robin Benipal; it's a journey of self-discovery, growth, and dedication. With an underdog mentality rooted in the basketball-rich landscape of British Columbia, Robin is determined to overcome challenges and make a name for himself on the court. His drive, work ethic, and versatile skills serve as a testament to his potential. As he envisions his basketball journey unfolding, Robin's focus remains clear: to excel both in the sport he loves and in the life he builds beyond the court. We extend our best wishes to Robin for a bright and successful future in basketball and beyond.

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