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Queens University Meet the Definition of a Glue Guy - Tyson Lama

Queens University in Kingston, ON just landed the best Glue Guy in Canada. Every single time I attended an event this year with Polaris Prep in action, it was evident that Tyson Lama would be the loudest player in the gym. Queens fell just short of the Championship this year, they had 3 of their players make the CEBL this summer via the USPORTS - CCAA Draft. With the addition of a highly talented, humble, hardworking recruit in Tyson Lama I believe the Gaels are primed for another deep run in the Final 8 next season. Crack open a pop and enjoy this 1 on 1 interview with Queens newest prospect, Tyson Lama.

Congratulations on your commitment to Queen's University! As someone known as the best glue guy in the country, how do you define your role on the basketball court, and how do you plan to bring that same energy and leadership to Queen's?

That kind of stuff comes second nature to me, I wouldn’t even call it a role more just the responsibility of being the best teammate you possibly can. I plan on staying true to that and just giving Queens all I’ve got.

Playing under Head Coach Ray Kim at Polaris Prep, what aspects of your game do you feel Coach Kim helped you develop the most, and how do you think those skills will contribute to your success at the collegiate level?

Coach Ray (Kim) has always harped on the intangibles so helping me develop that proper work ethic and attitude was huge for my growth. Also the ability to be effective without the ball in your hand and in a system will translate well to the next level.

As a glue guy, you're known for your ability to do all the little things that contribute to team success. How do you maintain your consistency and focus on those aspects of the game, and how do you plan to continue to elevate your game at Queen's University?

Those little things are what I focus on going into every game. Sometimes shots won’t fall or you will make bad plays and you cant control that, but you can always; bring energy, communicate, and make hustle plays. Just staying true to that mindset will allow me to build on those good habits and make them stronger.

What influenced your decision to commit to Queen's University, and what are you looking forward to the most about joining the program?

Queens was an easy pick for me; the school, the basketball program, the campus. The thing I’m most excited for is to be apart of such a strong culture and group of guys and do everything I can to build on it.

With your commitment to Queen's, what are your goals for your collegiate basketball career, and how do you envision making an impact both on and off the court for the Gaels?

My goal is to win a U sports title out the gate. That is a super realistic goal with the amount of talent there is on this upcoming Queens roster. I want to be able to be a strong 3 and D option for the team on the court and off the court just creating those bonds and relationships with everyone in the program.


As Tyson Lama embarks on his journey with Queen's University, his dedication to being the best teammate possible and his focus on the intangibles will undoubtedly make a significant impact on and off the court for the Gaels. With a clear goal of winning a U Sports title and his commitment to being a strong 3-and-D option, Tyson's presence is poised to elevate the team's performance while fostering strong bonds within the program. Queen's University is fortunate to have Tyson Lama join their basketball program, where his leadership and skills will undoubtedly contribute to the team's success.

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