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Rasheed Morrison is Up Next — 1 on 1 Interview

Josh Millican here with The Maple Minute & today we are bringing you an exclusive 1 on 1 interview with 2027 rising star — Rasheed Morrison of UPLAY Canada & Huntington Prep. Rasheed is an incredible talent for his age & quite frankly any age. His dynamic scoring prowess is one of the best in the class, goes to his pull up game consistently (as a fan of early 2000’s basketball this is something I hold near & dear to my heart). Pour yourself a pop or a cup of coffee and read more about this soon to be household name in Canadian basketball.


You’ve shown remarkable growth since the 8th grade. What aspects of your game have improved the most, and how do you plan to continue developing your skills at Huntington Prep and with UPLAY Canada?

Over the years, I would say my game has grown tremendously in my ball handling, mid-range, 3-point shot, decision-making, and leadership. I plan to further improve my game and take it to the next level by continuing to be a student of the game, being a sponge when it comes to taking information, and also putting in countless hours of gym time.

As a top prospect in the class of 2027, what do you believe sets you apart from other players in your age group, and how do you plan to maintain your edge as you progress in your basketball career?

What separates my game from others is definitely my facilitating. I can also rebound like a big, take charges, steal the ball, and make exceptional plays down the stretch, so basically I can do a little of everything and execute it well. Another part of my game that separates me from others is I’ll always encourage and make my teammates better players.

Can you describe your current skill set and playing style? How do you adapt your game to different situations on the court?

I can describe my current skill set as getting downhill, getting to my spots on the court so I can pull up, catch and shoot, and also blocking tons of shots away. I excel at getting my teammates open every time I drive.

Looking ahead to the future, what are your goals for college basketball? Do you have a dream college or program you aspire to join, and what factors are most important to you in making that decision?

Some goals for my collegiate career are to get a scholarship so I can pursue my education and make something out of myself to take care of all the people who loved and supported me. Some of the schools I’m interested in are UConn, Michigan, Michigan State, Kentucky.

With several years left to develop, what specific areas of your game are you focusing on improving, and how do you plan to work on them during your time at Huntington Prep and with UPLAY Canada?

Some parts of my game I would like to improve are my shooting, like how I can shoot off the dribble, and I want to be able to catch and shoot better as well. I also want to deepen my bag so I can score in any scenario and from all five spots on the floor. I can work on these things and get better at them by staying in the gym, staying focused, and taking all advice from my mentors and coaches.

What advice do you take from older players who you aspire to reach the same level of success as? How important is dedication and hard work in achieving your basketball goals?

One thing that I take from most players older than me is that it's all just a long game, and if they don't see you now, then they will see you soon. I will say that dedication means everything to me because without dedication, you won’t be a better player on the court and you won’t be a better person off the court as well. Dedication plays into everyday life like going to school, talking to people with respect and manners, as well as coaches with respect and manners. It’s all about how you represent yourself at the end of the day, so when people look at you, they don’t see someone lazy; they see somebody who works hard at their craft.


As Rasheed continues to hone his skills at Huntington Prep and with UPLAY Canada, it's evident that dedication, hard work, and a passion for the game are driving forces behind his journey. With clear goals for the future, including earning a scholarship and making an impact at the collegiate level, Morrison is a player to watch as they strive to reach new heights in their basketball career.

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