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Royal Crown Academy sends 5 players to post secondary programs.

Buckle up, basketball fans, because Royal Crown Academy is making headlines once again! In the past 72 hours, three of their standout players have committed to post-secondary programs to continue their basketball careers at the next level. With these recent commitments & their incredibly successful season, RCA is proving that they are a breeding ground for top talent.

The most recent of these commitments came from the 6'5 Swiss Army Knife, Michael Evbagharu. The versatile forward announced his commitment to Siena via Instagram, Siena & Head Coach Carmen Marciariello just picked up a top 10 prospect in Canada. Evbagharu's athleticism and ability to play multiple positions will make him a valuable asset to the Saints program. Frankly, I'm shocked he stayed on the board for this long.

Not to be outdone, 7'0 Hunter Harding will be following in his brother Markus Harding's footsteps by committing to Central Michigan as well. With his towering size and impressive skillset, Hunter is sure to make an impact in the MAC conference. Hunter was featured in my most recent post about the Top 10 Unsigned Big Men in Canada & I dove into his play style a little further. I really do like seeing brothers be able to reunite at the post secondary level, kudos to the Harding brothers, especially Hunter today.

And let's not forget about the incoming freshman who in my eyes is the top USPORTS recruit in 2023 thus far. Koat Thomas, one of the most versatile players in the Canadian high school basketball scene, has announced his commitment to St. Francis Xavier University. Despite having heard from D1 programs south of the border, Thomas has chosen to stay close to home and help the X-Men continue their winning ways under Head Coach Tyrell Vernon.

Of course, we can't talk about Royal Crown Academy without mentioning their already impressive roster. David Simon, the 6'11 center who recently committed to San Diego, will anchor the paint for the Toreros with his size and skill. And let's not forget about their star point guard, Jahari Williamson, who has been committed to Valparaiso for quite some time now. With Williamson running the show at Royal Crown this past year he definitely had no shortage of weapons.

With the final domino to fall on this RCA team is standout two-way guard Davanté Hackett who was also a member of Team Ontario. Hackett is sure to find a home for the next season the only question remains is, what school will be lucky enough to land him?

On top of all of these recruits, Royal Crown has players like Oliver Lucas who's a rebounding machine with a ton of skill & has been making his name known on the AAU scene this spring. Not to mention Justus Haseley, an absolute phenom of a prospect in 2025 as well as his peer & teammate Austin Goode who is a solid player in his own right.

So there you have it, folks. Royal Crown Academy is once again making headlines in the recruiting atmosphere and proving that they are an elite program here in Canada. With a roster filled with top talent going into 2023-24

, the sky is the limit for this squad. Stay tuned for more updates on the RCA basketball program!

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