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Sartaj Bhangu Class of 2025

Sartaj Bhangu is the most explosive player out of BC this year. I’m Esher Sira back with The Maple Minute and this week we have Sartaj Bhangu class of 2025 is a 6”8 Guard/Wing out of Surrey, BC.

Bhangu is 3 level scorer able to get to his spots all over the floor. Where his game really shines is finishing above the rim. Bhangu thrives in the open floor finishing dunks through contact and when the path is more resistant Bhangu has a variety of gathers and finishes to get his team points.

At 6”8 most will think Bhangu will be restricted to the paint. But that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Bhangu can effectively play and defend all 5 positions on the court. He’s able to bring the ball up as a guard, make the right passes, and knock down perimeter shots, While also being able to fill all the duties of a big man, grabbing rebounds and sending back shots.

Bhangu’s defensive presence is valuable as he’s able to Match up against quicker guards on the perimeter and switch onto the other teams big man.

Sartaj has continued to put BC on notice as he’s helped his Tamanawis Wildcats to be in the top 3 of the ranking all year long. The Wildcats might also have the toughest schedule in Canada as they travelled to Washington, Portland and California to play some of the top teams in high school basketball and they are winning. Sartaj dropped 30 points in a win against Millikan high school showing that he affects winning at the highest levels. Any coaches looking for more information on Sartaj you know where to look.

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