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The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting Canadians at the NPSI in Rhode Island

Updated: Feb 3

The National Prep School Invitational (NPSI) is a prestigious basketball event that has played a significant role in showcasing top-tier talent over the years. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the tournament has been a sanctioned event by the NCAA, underlining its importance in the basketball landscape. Held at the Murray Center at Rhode Island College, the NPSI has consistently featured roughly 30 of the best prep basketball schools globally, making it a highly anticipated and competitive showcase.

This year's 25th-anniversary tournament promises to be a special edition, marking a quarter-century of excellence in promoting and developing young basketball talent. With a rich history of contributing to the growth of players who have gone on to achieve success at higher levels, the NPSI continues to be a vital platform for college coaches and scouts to identify promising prospects. The event's longevity and continued success underscore its significance in the basketball community, providing a stage for emerging talents to shine and potentially make their mark on the collegiate and professional levels.

I took some time to breakdown 15 Canadian prospects who will be participating in the 25th National Prep School Invitational.

Point Guards

Name: Rav Randhawa

Height: 6'3

Class: 2024

School: Great Futures Prep

- Crafty point guard with exceptional ball-handling and court vision.

- Dynamic playmaker, excelling in creating scoring opportunities for teammates.

- Unmatched shooting stroke, can shoot the cover off the ball.

Name: Anderson Cummins

Height: 6'2

Class: 2024

School: Polaris Prep

- Speedy and agile point guard with excellent penetration skills.

- Consistent finishing at the rim and slashing, adding a scoring dimension to the team.

- Defensive disruptor with the ability to pressure opponents.

Name: Kaleel Sutton-White

Height: 5'11

Class: 2026

School: Dynastie Basketball

- Floor general with a high basketball IQ.

- Outstanding decision-maker under pressure.

- Displays leadership qualities on and off the court.

Shooting Guards

Name: Tyson Lama

Height: 6'5

Class: 2024

School: Polaris Prep

- Explosive shooting guard known for high energy and bringing a team together.

- Quick release and accuracy in three-point shooting.

- Effective on-ball defender with a knack for generating turnovers.

Name: Alex Charoltin

Height: 6'3

Class: 2025

School: Dynastie Basketball

- Versatile shooting guard with a diverse offensive skill set.

- Strong mid-range game and finishing ability at the rim.

- Defensive asset, providing consistent perimeter coverage.

Name: AJ Osman

Height: 6'3

Class: 2024

School: J. Addison School

- High-scoring shooting guard with a natural ability to create shots.

- Consistent threat from beyond the arc.

- Adept at navigating through defenses to find scoring opportunities.

Small Forwards

Name: Karim Keita

Height: 6'9

Class: 2025

School: Dynastie Basketball

- Athletic small forward with an NFL TE type body.

- Drives effectively to the basket, finishing in traffic.

- Versatile defender capable of guarding multiple positions.

Name: D'Shay Knights-Wright

Height: 6'8

Class: 2024

School: Polaris Prep

- Skilled wing player with a high basketball IQ.

- Effective perimeter shooter with an unorthodox shooting stroke.

- Contributes on both ends of the floor with strong defensive efforts.

Name: Eternity Eguagie

Height: 6'7

Class: 2024

School: J. Addison School

    - Strong and physical small forward dominating in the paint.

    - Effective post-up game and consistent rebounding.

    - Defensive presence, altering shots and protecting the rim.

Power Forwards

Name: Jaion Pitt

Height: 6'9

Class: 2024

School: Canyon International Academy

   - Dynamic and sturdy power forward known for versatility.

   - Excels in fast-break situations, showcasing speed and agility.

   - Solid rebounder and effective on-ball defender.

Name: Ewan Steele

Height: 6'9

Class: 2024

School: Polaris Prep

- Versatile power forward contributing in scoring and rebounding.

- Skilled mid-range shooter adding offensive flexibility.

- Under the radar passer with above average court vision.

Name: Ramogi Nyagudi

Height: 6'10

Class: 2025

School: St. John's DME Academy

- Forward with a strong work ethic and hustle on both ends.

- Efficient scorer in the paint and mid-range areas.

- Team player, contributing to offensive and defensive schemes.


Name: Arafan Diane

Height: 7'0

Class: 2026

School: Dynastie Basketball

- Dominant center with an imposing presence in the paint.

- Rebounding machine with shot-altering capabilities.

- Consistent scorer in the post, contributing to team offense.

Name: Cam Brennan

Height: 7'0

Class: 2024

School: Polaris Prep

- Agile center known for rim protection and efficient scoring.

- Skilled in pick-and-roll situations, creating offensive opportunities.

- Solid communicator on defense, organizing teammates effectively.

Name: Ibrahim Sanoh

Height: 6'11

Class: 2024

School: J. Addison

- Center with a strong basketball IQ, understanding positioning well.

- Excellent passer out of the post, contributing to team play.

- Defensive anchor with good shot-blocking instincts.

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