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Top Five Manitoban Prospects In The Class of 2024

It is soon to be time for the beginning of the AAU/Club season and Preparatory teams to begin their years as well. This is part one of going through each of the next three classes of players playing here in Manitoba. We will first begin with the upcoming class of 2024, who are players participating in their post graduating year and are born in 2005. I currently do not have a particular order for any of the players I will showcase in the next couple of articles, but they are who I would say are the top five in their class in the province. Without further adieu, here are my top five prospects for the class of 2024 in Manitoba.

Shadrak Lasu

I already spoke about Lasu in my 2023-2024 Triumph and Northstar Prep preview (if you have not checked that out already, I highly recommend) so I will keep this one shorter. The lengthy six foot eight forward is an athletic lob threat who also uses that speed and jumping ability to be a defensive monster. A good finisher around the rim with contact, that can also knockdown open catch and shoot looks. I cannot wait to see him this year on the prep circuit, and how he impacts each game.

Elijah De La Mothe

One half of last years standout duo on the 2022-2023 Sturgeon Heights Huskies team, De La Mothe is a very good three level scorer. Whether that be off the catch, the bounce, inside or outside the arc. He is also tremendous getting out in transition and getting downhill towards the hoop. The transition piece is something that can go under the radar in his game, with the spotlight being on what he does on the half court. De La Mothe’s rebounding and defensive prowess are at a decent level as well. With being a Bio Steel All-Canadian Nominee last year, I see big things for De La Mothe this year.

Diego Presingular

If you are a team in need of a floor general who can also shoot from deep really well, Presingular is your guy. A very high IQ player who is unselfish, has the ability to run an offence and distribute the ball at a high level are some of his calling cards. His ball handling ability is one of the best in the 2024 class in Manitoba and has no issue dealing with opposing players ball pressure. Don’t be mistaken though, Presingular has a very good jumpshot and even can create his own shot if needed. While on the defensive end, he can apply his own ball pressure and be a menace to other teams guards. Presingular has developed each and every single season he has been apart of the Central Canada Prep program, and hope to see even more development this year.

Giovanni Ajiamah

Coming off of a Provincial AAAA title, you could say there isn’t much more for Ajiamah to accomplish here in Manitoba. But he has decided to use his postgrad year to be apart of Northstar Prep to try and play against higher level competition, as well to raise his own level of play. A very good two-way player who’s strength is getting to the hoop and finishing with contact. Being aggressive attacking the hoop, it also helps him be an aggressive defender as well. Ajiamah is a pretty good leaper, which helps him on both ends of the floor whether that be flushing one down, or swatting away layups at the rim. While having improved his three point shot this past season, I hope he builds on that even more this year while playing harder competition. What intrigues me the most with Ajiamah is that ability to be solid at both ends of the floor, and I hope to see him boast that with Northstar.

Mason Chartrand

I will be quite honest and say I was not too well versed on Chartrand’s game up until the end of last season. The growth that he has had is quite tremendous. At six foot eight, Chartrand plays more like a post player and is very proficient. Loving to play on the right block, he can finish with both hands around the rim and even on either side. His spin move is the go-to and I don’t blame him. One of the better spin moves I have seen for a player at these levels. Chartrand is also good at cleaning up around the bucket on misses, getting many for tip ins. I hope to see him show more of a willingness to step outside and show some range. I do also want to see good progress as a defender for him to become a more complete prospect. His height and length do help in that category for sure.

Honourable Mentions

Kal-El Alejo (Northstar Prep)

Zane Graham (Northstar Prep)

Paul Bocalan (Legacy Prep)

This is a first part to a series of articles I will be doing throughout the season for each of the 2024, 2025, and 2026 classes. I will also be coming out with proper updated rankings as the year progresses. I hope all these players continue to work on their skills, and the first chance I will get to see these guys will hopefully be at the DIME Session on October 27th here in Winnipeg. If there is someone you feel should have been in this top five and should be next time I do this, let me know!

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