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Top Point Guards in Canada for the 2023-24 Season

The upcoming 2023-24 season is set to showcase an impressive crop of talented point guards from Canada. Despite the recent commitments of Mikkel Tyne to Richmond and Jacob Theodosiou to Wyoming, the class of 2024 in Canada boasts a plethora of high-level floor generals. Let's take a closer look at some of the standout prospects who are generating considerable buzz. In no particular order here are some prospects that have caught my attention and others across the nation.


Felix Kossaras | Fort Erie International Academy | Brookwood Elite

Felix Kossaras has emerged as one of the hottest topics in Canadian basketball. Standing at an impressive 6'6", his size alone makes him an intriguing prospect. What sets Kossaras apart is his excellent feel for the game. Whether it's distributing the ball or making smart decisions on the court, he consistently displays a high basketball IQ. Kossaras has recently received offers from notable programs such as Wichita State, Missouri, and Ole Miss. His combination of size, skill, and basketball intelligence make him a player to watch closely this season.


Baraka Okojie | DME Academy | Canada Elite

Baraka Okojie, the younger brother of Ose Okojie currently playing at Howard University, has been making waves on the recruiting circuit. He has garnered interest from a range of programs, including Tulane, FIU, NJIT, and St. Bonaventure. Okojie is a wiry guard with exceptional hands and instincts on both ends of the floor. Defensively, he excels at applying pressure and disrupting passing lanes. Offensively, he showcases a knack for creating opportunities for himself and his teammates. Okojie's potential is evident, and he has the tools to develop into a top-tier point guard.


Irish Coquia | St. Patrick's | UPLAY Western Alliance

Irish Coquia, a 6'2" point guard hailing from British Columbia, is a rising star in Canadian basketball. Coquia has showcased his skills and garnered attention for his impressive performances, including being featured by SLAM online and winning a provincial high school championship in BC. Let's delve into the strengths and abilities that make Coquia an intriguing prospect. Irish Coquia's skill set as a shifty guard with a pull-up game, playmaking ability, and scoring prowess make him an exciting prospect. With a strong work ethic and a drive to improve, Coquia has the potential to make a significant impact at the collegiate level and beyond. As he continues to refine his game and work on areas of improvement, Coquia's future in basketball looks promising.


Sean Blake | UPLAY Canada | Victory Academy

Photo via @creatrjamal on Instagram

Sean Blake is an exciting point guard with great athleticism and quickness. A major contributor to UPLAY Canada who are EYCL Champions and will be participating in Peach Jam this upcoming week. Standing at a solid height of 6'2, his ability to change directions swiftly and blow past defenders is a notable asset. I saw him most recently at the Northway Pro-Am where he was leaving defenders in the dust with his powerful first step and inability to be bumped off the ball. Blake has impressive court vision and passing ability, often creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. He is extending his range in a big way to a point where I've seen clips of him hitting from half court comfortably almost with ease. Blake has the potential to become a dynamic playmaker at the next level.


Luka Toews | Newman School | Middlesex Magic

Luka Toews is a skilled point guard with a high basketball IQ. I first saw him at the NPSI in Rhode Island where I was told by the local scout that this PG out of Japan was one to watch, little did I know he also had Canadian ties through his father. He possesses excellent decision-making abilities and demonstrates great poise on the court. Toews is a reliable ball handler and a capable shooter from both mid-range and beyond the arc. His leadership qualities and ability to control the pace of the game make him an effective floor general. Currently has offers from Pennsylvania, Columbia, Fairfield, Holy Cross, Rhode Island, Loyola Chicago, UMASS, Colgate, Boston College and Boston University.


Matt Anglo | Tri-City Prep | Northern Kings

Matt Anglo is a versatile point guard who excels in both scoring and playmaking. He has a natural scoring touch and can light up the scoreboard from various positions on the court. Anglo is adept at creating his own shot and has a quick first step. Additionally, he has good court vision and can make accurate passes to find open teammates. With his scoring ability and playmaking skills, Anglo is a dynamic guard with a bright future. Matt has that "I don't care who you are, I'm going at your head" type mentality. His coach at Tri-City Prep, Srdjan Pejicic told me about Matt 2 years ago & I've been keeping close tabs ever since.


Taj Au-Duke | CALI Prep | Northern Kings

Taj Au-Duke, a member of Team Canada U16 in 2021 where he stood out as one of the better on ball defenders for Canada averaging close to a steal per game. He utilizes his athleticism to finish at the rim through contact. Au-Duke also demonstrates solid ball-handling skills and has the ability to break down defenses and create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. As he continues to develop his outside shooting as he continuously does, Au-Duke has the potential to be a force on both ends of the court. Recently, Taj was photographed with Phoenix Suns prospect Marcus Carr who will be playing in the NBA Summer League, Carr is also a Northern Kings alumni. Training with talent like that only leads to improvement, big senior season ahead for Au-Duke.


Brice Fandio | Sherbrooke | Brookwood Elite

Brice Fandio is an intriguing point guard out of Quebec, I first caught wind od Brice when he was leading the entire CEGEP in assists per game. Fandio plays at his own pace, won't be rushed or rattled. He possesses excellent ball-handling skills and can change directions smoothly to elude defenders. Fandio has way above average court vision and is effective at finding open teammates for scoring opportunities sometimes in a highlight reel manner. When watching him with Brookwood Elite it's as if he has eyes in the back of his head. While his foot speed and overall athleticism can be improved, his ability to penetrate and create havoc in the paint makes him a valuable asset to any team.


Christian Payawal | Dawson College | Bluehounds Select

Christian Payawal is a crafty point guard with a high basketball IQ. He excels in running the offense and making smart decisions with the ball. Payawal has good control over his dribble and uses it effectively to create separation for his shot or find open teammates. While he may not be the biggest PG his footspeed, determination, basketball instincts and ability to read the game compensate for it. Payawal's basketball IQ and playmaking skills make him a reliable floor general for the #2 ranked CEGEP in Quebec and RSEQ Champions.

Photo via @Magzfilms on Instagram


Keenan Emmanuel | LUHI | UPLAY Canada

Keenan Emmanuel is a skilled 6'0 point guard who brings a strong all-around game to the table. He is an excellent shooter with range beyond the arc and has the ability to score in various ways including a deadly mid-range pull up. Emmanuel is a composed player who can handle pressure situations and make clutch plays. The patience and precision he applies to his game is due to the countless hours perfecting his craft in the gym. His defensive intensity and commitment make him a solid two-way player. He has reclassified back to his original class of 2024 and now is a clear cut top PG in Canada's recruiting class.


David Popa | Hodan Prep | Collective Elite

David Popa is the best shooting PG still available in the 2024 class. An undeniably pure stroke and the confidence to yank it mere steps over half court. David is a fundamentally sound point guard with a high basketball IQ. He has some very sneaky bounce with the ability to play above the rim in traffic and even catch baseline lobs. Popa has to be one of the most underrated prospects in 2024 by most scouting authorities but I have him firmly in my top 20 prospects in 2024. While he may not be the longest or most eye-popping, his understanding of the game, shooting touch and ability to control the tempo make him a very

reliable floor general.


Kevin De Kovachich | Orangeville Prep | CB Prospects

Kevin De Kovachich is Quebec native, a rugged, sturdy point guard with good size. He is a skilled ball handler and can create his own shot off the dribble. De Kovachich has the ability to attack the basket and finish above the rim with strength. While he can further improve his shooting consistency, his athleticism and scoring ability make him an intriguing prospect nonetheless. Younger brother of Sean De Kovachich who also played with Orangeville Prep and CB Prospects this season, it's evident that the two brothers spent a lot of time in the driveway or at the gym playing 1v1 because Kevin possesses a certain set of skills that you just cant teach, they're learned on the playground playing against his brother and older competition.


Romell Russell | United Scholastic Academy | Canada Elite

Romell Russell is a quick and agile point guard with good speed. If there is an argument to be made of who is the best shooter in this class off the dribble, Romell would be a top contender. He excels in pushing the pace and creating opportunities in transition including pulling up for 3 on a fast break. Russell has good court vision and plays with one of the best lob threats in the country period - Efeosa Oliogu. While he may need to put on some muscle for the next level, his ability to penetrate and create for others makes him a dynamic player and a serviceable post secondary point guard.


Oliver Engen | Orangeville Prep | Eastern Ontario Elite

Oliver Engen is a fundamentally sound point guard with good court vision. He is a reliable ball handler and can distribute the ball effectively to his teammates. Engen has a solid understanding of the game and can make smart decisions with the ball in his hands. He uses his 6'5 frame to his advantage against smaller guards. While he may need to improve his scoring consistency, his ability to run the offense and facilitate for others makes him a valuable asset to Orangeville Prep. I first got to watch Oliver when he was playing with Eastern Ontario Elite, his demeanor and focus stood out instantly. Talking to him after the game you could tell this was a kid who was locked in on his goals. Now going on his third season at Orangeville Prep look for Oliver to play a vital role for the Bears in 2023-24.


Kevin Toth | PEDSDMD Elite

Kevin Toth is a skilled point guard with great size standing 6 feet 4 inches off the ground. He possesses solid ball-handling skills and can create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. Toth has a natural scoring touch and can knock down shots from various spots on the court. Dr. Maloney informed me of Kevin last summer saying he was a top point guard in the 2024 class, and I must say with his combination of size, fluidity, feel for the game and scoring prowess, it is safe to say he's in the conversation.

The depth of talent in the class of 2024 extends beyond the aforementioned prospects. Each of these players brings a unique skill set and the potential to make a significant impact at the collegiate level. While a detailed scouting report on each player is beyond the scope of this article, it's worth noting their names as they are poised to make their mark on the Canadian basketball scene this season.

As the 2023-24 season approaches, it's evident that Canada is once again producing a remarkable group of point guards. Whether it's the size and basketball IQ of Felix Kossaras, the defensive prowess of Baraka Okojie, or the untapped potential of the remaining prospects, the class of 2024 promises to elevate the level of play in Canadian basketball. College coaches and basketball enthusiasts should keep a close eye on these talented floor generals as they continue to develop their skills and make their mark on the court.

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