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Unveiling the Rising Stars of Canadian Basketball: A Closer Look at Standouts from the 2024 Boys Next Ones Up

The All Canadian Games (ACG) Next Ones Up event at Athlete Institute showcased an array of talent among the rising stars of Canadian basketball, offering a glimpse into the future of the sport. Let's delve into the standout prospects from the class of 2026 who left an indelible mark on the court.


Zane McFarlane | PG | 5’9 | United Scholastic

McFarlane, standing at a modest 5'9", defies expectations with his remarkable scoring ability. His performance at the ACG Next Ones Up event earned him the MVP title for Team Black, showcasing his fearless demeanor and ability to elevate his game when it matters most.


David Bottomley | PG | 6’0 | Orangeville Prep

Bottomley's 6'0" frame belies his exceptional ball-handling skills and court vision. His ability to score with finesse and create opportunities for his teammates makes him a formidable force on the court. With poise and passion, he leaves a lasting impression on the game.


Jordan Charles | SG | 6’1 | CIA Arizona

A fixture at the All Canadian Games, Charles brings three years of experience to the court. His tenure with Team Canada underscores his craftiness and quickness, making him a scoring threat from anywhere on the floor.


Rico Reat | G | 6’5 | St. Martin’s (PEDSDMD Elite)

At 6'5", Reat possesses the versatility of a mobile wing with a solid frame. His ability to shoot from beyond the arc and finish above the rim adds depth to his game, while his gritty defense sets him apart as a standout prospect.


Quinten Either | G | 6’5 | Ridley College

Either's emergence with Team Canada in the summer speaks volumes about his potential. Standing at 6'5", he combines size with a smooth shooting stroke, offering versatility on both ends of the floor.


Miles Sadler | PG | 6’0 | CIA Arizona

Sadler, the epitome of polish and proficiency, stands alone as the most refined prospect in the class of 2026. His infectious enthusiasm and unwavering smile during the ACG Next Ones Up event foreshadow a bright future at the collegiate level.


Vlad Popa | SF | 6’6 | Hodan Prep

The younger brother of David Popa, Vlad leaves a lasting impact with his winning plays on the court. From his shooting prowess to his rim-rattling finishes, he embodies promise and potential.


Caleb Roberts | PG | 5’10 | Ridley College

Roberts, despite his 5'10" stature, possesses deceptive athleticism and a knack for breaking down defenses. His strong frame draws comparisons to NBA guards, while his ability to facilitate offense sets him apart as a dynamic playmaker.


Isaiah Headley-Smith | SG | 6’4 | Royal Crown

Headley-Smith's highlight-reel dunk at the ACG Next Ones Up event underscores his explosive athleticism and versatility. With humility off the court and tenacity on it, he represents a beacon of potential with a bright future.


Callum Smith | PF | 6’11 | Ridley College

Smith's imposing presence inside the key commands attention, complemented by exceptional hands and physicality. His dominance on both ends of the floor marks him as a considerable force in the class of 2026.


Bennett White | SG | 6’7 | Crestwood Prep

White's pure shooting stroke and offers from Division I schools highlight his potential. With a smooth operating style on the court, he emerges as a prospect with a promising trajectory.


Janoy Walkes | PG | 6’0 | Brampton City Prep

Walkes, a prolific scoring threat, showcases his ability to navigate through defenses with ease. His phenomenal touch around the net and acrobatic finishes make him a player to watch in the coming years.


Rokeim Green | SG | 6’1 | CIA Arizona

Green's MVP performance at last year's ACG Futures Game underscores his scoring prowess. His elusiveness on the court makes him a dangerous threat when he gains momentum.


Jacob McGregor | SG | 6’4 | Bill Crothers

McGregor's emergence as a standout prospect leaves a lasting impression. His ability to score while maintaining defensive instincts highlights his potential as a multifaceted player.


Amare Lincoln | SF | 6’7 | Notre Dame

Lincoln's entertaining style of play captivates audiences, showcasing his skillset and antics on the court. With a solid frame and an upcoming summer with Team Active, he's poised to make waves in the basketball scene.


Evans Barning | SF | 6’8 | Archbishop Carroll

Barning's electrifying warm-ups and promising performance hint at his potential. Despite not his best showing, his high-flying dunks and commitment to the game mark him as a prospect worth monitoring.


Mahliq Guiseppi-Kitson | SF | 6’6 | United Scholastic

Guiseppi-Kitson's all-around performance at the ACG Next Ones Up event leaves spectators in awe. His shot-blocking ability, powerful dunks, and tough shot-making prowess earned him the MVP for the White team.


Ian McBride | PF | 6’8 | SC Academy

McBride's potential as a stretch four man is evident despite his initial adjustment to the level of talent at the ACG Next Ones Up event. With great size and hands, he's poised for growth and development in the coming years.


Arafan Diane | C | 7’1 | Dynastie

Diane's towering 7'1" frame sets him apart as a dominant force on the court. With a soft touch and powerful frame, he's positioned to be a player of interest across all levels of basketball. Holds multiple Division I offers.


These prospects, each with their unique talents and potential, represent the future stars of Canadian basketball, leaving fans eager to witness their growth and achievements on the court.

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