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Dustin Mactaggart

Scout | Writer

Meet Dustin Mactaggart, a prominent figure in the basketball world from Burlington, Ontario. After a pivotal role in securing the OFSAA Championship during his junior year at Parkside High School, Dustin's journey led him to pursue education and basketball at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.

Transitioning to coaching, Dustin's career gained momentum in 2018 at Oakville Prep. Rapidly advancing from lead assistant coach to head coach, he showcased strategic acumen and leadership qualities. Over the subsequent three years, he wholeheartedly dedicated himself to nurturing emerging athletes' skills and character.

A transformative phase followed as he joined Prolific Prep in Napa, California. As an assistant coach and skills trainer, where Prolific Prep captured the Grind Session Championship. The team's journey also included a poignant loss to IMG in the Geico Nationals, highlighting their remarkable accomplishments. In this period, Dustin head coached the Napa Christian Knight's, leading them to the Northern California state sectional final and the state championship semi-finals.

Beyond coaching, Dustin founded Let it Fly Basketball Training—a prominent player development program encompassing NBA, NCAA D1, Usport, and high school levels. He extended his influence with the establishment of LIFT Basketball, a player-centric, development-focused rep and AAU program based in Burlington, Ontario.

Dustin's commitment to elevating basketball prowess extends nationally, as he contributes his expertise to Canada Basketball's skill development initiatives. His impact resonates within the sport at various levels.

Dustin Mactaggart
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