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2024 CEBL Free Agency List

Updated: 4 days ago

We have reached the March 2nd "Protected List" deadline and now all players are free to speak to whichever club they wish! Here are all the signings that have happened so far in CEBL Free Agency 2024.

Note: This article will be updated until May 21st, at which the season has begun.

Vancouver Bandits

Here are the Vancouver Bandits' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Nick Ward

Ward is one of the best pure big men in the CEBL. He has plenty of post moves and is an above average rim protector. He is mobile enough for his size and rebounds well. A smart re-signing for a Bandits squad that is trying to get back on track after a not so successful 2023, where they only made the Championship Weekend because they were hosting.

Kobe McEwen

A signing that came out of left field from the Bandits. McEwen was not on the Brampton Honey Badgers "Protected List" (no one was to be fair) and Vancouver scooped up one of the best scorers in the CEBL. A former 6th Man of The Year winner, McEwen is a fantastic bucket getter and isn't too shabby as a secondary guard playmaking. A great signing for the Bandits.

Duane Notice

One of the better bench pieces in the league, Notice has re-signed with the Bandits for the 2024 summer. One of the better defenders in the CEBL, Notice also brings three point prowess to the table. If Notice is to start, he and McEwen could provide to be one of the better complimentary backcourts in 2024, with their differing but working styles. A fantastic start to Free Agency for Vancouver.

James Karnik

Not a re-signing per say for the Bandits, but a player who is familiar to the Vancouver organization. Karnik was last in the CEBL in 2022, where he enjoyed a successful summer with the Bandits. Karnik is a complete scorer, who can post up and get buckets or hit catch and shoot shots from the outside. He also has the ability to put the ball on the deck and get to the hoop that way. He is an average rebounder, and an ok rim protector. If Vancouver are able to bring back Giorgi Bezhanishvili, I really like how the front court big man rotation looks. They could end up having the scariest rotation in the league if that happens.

Kur Jongkuch

This is more of a depth signing for Vancouver, but one that was earned by the player. Jongkuch is a high energy forward that does the dirty work, while also rebounding and blocking shots. Not much of an offensive threat, but a good defender to add to your roster and run off the bench. His 10 game stint in the back half of the year earned him the opportunity to come back for a curtain call with the team. While he is 24, I don't expect him to have too big of a role with the Bandits, but I could be very wrong.

Zach Copeland

The Bandits have definitely reloaded for the 2024 CEBL season. While already having a good taller scoring guard in McEwan, they have added another one in Zach Copeland. This dude is a bucket. Some of the things he's doing in Germany's top division is highlight reel stuff. He is a great three level scorer, while he doesn't get to the rim often, he is slithery if he does attack the hoop. He'll hit from mid-range if he needs to stop and pop. Where Copeland does most of his damage is from behind the arc. He is currently averaging 8.72 attempts per game in league play. It's even more impressive that he's only started 11 of the 27 games he's made appearances in so far. Those three point attempts aren't only just catch and shoot jumpers. Most of them are actually either off balance dribble pulls (you could even say essentially three point fadeaway's) or his favourite way to create space, step backs. He is a really good ball handler which helps him create space, but he also has a lightning quick release. Copeland has shown some upside as a passer, in the pick and roll especially, but his main mission is to score the ball. He and McEwen are going to make a scary duo whenever they'll be on the court together.

Diego Maffia

I was curious to see how the Bandits were going to get Maffia on their roster. Instead of through the draft, they get him as a standard roster player. But not a typical roster spot, he is technically signed to a development contract. This means that Maffia could still go back to the University of Victoria for 2024-2025. Maffia is a great player that got the chance to play with Vancouver last season and really played well when he got the opportunity. He’s a out of this world shooter with super deep range. He can stop and pop from the mid-range is need be and can finish at the rim a decent bit. He is a fantastic passer and a threat for point-assist double doubles. With how the back court is looking for the Bandits, I’m curious to see where Maffia fits, but coach and General Manager Kyle Julius has said Maffia has a roster spot already secured. That should mean he will get some playing time. Great acquisition from Vancouver.

Taze Moore

We have another athletic G/F joining the ranks of the CEBL in 2024. Moore is a highlight reel waiting to happen, with jump out of the gym leaping ability. He will put you on a poster if he has the chance. He is also a pretty good finisher at the rim, which at least allows him to be a little more dynamic in the half-court. Moore is for sure a non-shooter, and should not be worried about behind the arc. That speed does help him on defence to stay in front of defenders and jump passing lanes. Moore is Vancouver's third and final American slot, and an interesting usage of it. He did get in a couple NBA games this year with Portland, so that is something.

Glen Yang

The first Winnipeg Sea Bear to not return this off-season. Yang had a tough 2023 CEBL season, never really getting going. He seems to have bounced back this year in Taiwan. When Yang is at his best, he’s a solid distributor, can shoot the ball well, get to the hoop a little bit and run your offence. Last summer, he struggled to get there on a consistent basis, and either disappeared or very much had a hard to look at stat line. He was the starting guard for the Sea Bears in 2023, and if he is in a reduced roll, that may benefit the Bandits much more.

Josip Vrankic

I really like this pickup for a Bandits squad that could use another versatile forward. Vrankic can either play the three or the four, scoring inside or out and providing a little bit of defence. He's shown his quality overseas in Italy and Spain, so I have a feeling he could be the starter net to Ward, which would be a great contrast.

Winnipeg Sea Bears

Here are the Winnipeg Sea Bears' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Teddy Allen

The first overall re-signing of the 2024 season had to be the 2023 CEBL MVP Allen. Not much more to say other than he may in fact be the best player in the league. He will be the on court leader for the Sea Bears and most likely lead them in many statistical categories.

Chad Posthumus

I just mentioned that Allen may be the on court leader for the Sea Bears, Posthumus is the off court leader. His experience and the intangibles he brings is why Posthumus is back. We saw him begin the year as a starter, then his minutes tapered off towards the end of the season. I expect to see those minutes at the end of the season be the same here in 2024, being a solid energy player off the bench.

Alex Campbell

There had been rumblings of a move from Alex Campbell to the Winnipeg Sea Bears for much of the off season. Credit to Joey Slattery who had the inside scoop first. Campbell is a fantastic signing for the Sea Bears and should slot perfectly into the starting lineup. He is one of the best defenders in the CEBL, while also being a great scorer with three point shooting. Those were two things Winnipeg lacked last season, being a bottom tier defensive group and not having enough shooting around Teddy Allen. When looking at the stats from 2023, it may have been a down year for Campbell statistically, you can bet with a better team (and the reigning MVP) around him, he will bounce back. A perfect signing for Winnipeg, who is trying to continue their upwards trajectory after a successful first season.

Mason Bourcier

Other than bringing Teddy Allen back, this may be my favourite signing of the window so far. A great way to describe Bourcier is a crafty player. He's a fantastic passer with great vision, getting creative with passes and fakes. He is a good ball handler, where he gets creative there as well with different combos to break down defenders. His finishing could be described as crafty, twisting his body at the rim for better angles. Next to his passing, Bourcier's best asset is his outside shooting. His ability to stretch the floor will be key for the Sea Bears, either starting or coming off the bench. A young, fun player for Head Coach Mike Taylor to work with and I can see having a breakout summer.

David Muenkat

Man oh man are the Winnipeg Sea Bears building towards something here in Free Agency. There most recent signing is wing David Muenkat. A high flyer, Muenkat is a highlight reel and can put anyone on a poster at any time. While he is a dunk machine, he is also a really good finisher around the rim with power and some finesse. He has also showed upside with his shooting ability, especially in catch and shoot scenarios. Not only a scorer, Muenkat is a great rebounder and I can see coach Mike Taylor running him at the four to play some fast small ball at times. He's played well so far in Germany's top league and is taking another leap in his development. In a bench role with the champion Scarborough Shooting Stars, he really stepped up later in the season including playoffs and seems to be riding that momentum into the winter months. I do expect him to play a pivotal role, whether that be starting or off the bench I am not sure. The Sea Bears are getting scary good, and not just top heavy with last seasons MVP. Coach Taylor seems to be building off of last seasons weaknesses (mainly bench production) and making sure that won't happen again in 2024.

Shane Osayande

I had heard this signing was coming for a little while, but wanted to wait for confirmation until I made it official on here. Osayande is already the fifth Canadian signed for the 2024 season and is a returnee from the inaugural squad last summer. He came after the summer had begun, coming over from Qatar. While he isn't a flashy player, Osayande was a pretty important piece to the Sea Bears squad. His main calling card is being a menace on the defensive end swatting shots and collecting rebounds. He can finish inside at a decent rate and even showed his range at times. He is athletic which helps him be good when he needs to switch onto a guard and is a lob threat on the other end of the floor. Coach Taylor brought back one of the better bench options, and it continues to be a great Free Agency window for Winnipeg. Taylor wanted to make sure that the Canadians on the roster we're taken care of (and good contributors) and he is doing just that.

Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson

What an unbelievable guard room that Winnipeg has built. This should answer any of the questions that people had whether or not the Sea Bears could matchup in the back court against any other team. Ogungbemi-Jackson is a fabulous addition to this team and should elevate the level of play for the ball club. What he brings to the table is elite level scoring, mainly with a pinpoint jumper. He is so shifty and can shake defenders and rise up so quickly to get that shot off. He isn't adverse to getting to the rim either and can finish with either hand. His quickness helps him out on the defensive end, jumping passing lanes and getting his hands in on ball handlers. Ogungbemi-Jackson has showed to be a solid distributor at times as well if that is more so needed. The only question I may have is about his size, being shorter than six feet. But having played in many different top five leagues around the world, I am sure that he will adjust just fine to a league that prefers taller guards. For the remainder of the window, the Sea Bears should solely be focused on bringing in forwards and continuing to elevate this roster to championship status.

Darius Days

This roster is really coming together for Winnipeg. They add a former G-League Second teamer, and very good pro in Days. Not only will he be a very important piece to this Sea Bears roster, but he will most likely be their secondary scorer. Days loves to shoot it from deep (while being slightly streaky over the course of his career), and can get really hot from beyond the arc. Also doesn't mind finishing inside and can do so in traffic. He's a double double machine and gobbles up rebounds. He is a versatile 6'7" forward that can play the wing or small ball four. Days has the athleticism along with the size to matchup throughout a lineup. Along with Teddy Allen, he is the second American import on the roster, and should solidify their primary scoring. My only worry for Days is he likes to get them up from deep, even if they're not falling. Hopefully he won't shoot the Sea Bears out of too many games. Otherwise, this is a fantastic signing that fills another important slot on the Winnipeg roster.

Saskatchewan Rattlers

Here are the Saskatchewan Rattlers' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Anthony Tsegakele

A former CEBL U-Sports Draft Pick of many seasons, Tsegakele is a great defender who showed great upside and strides offensively last season at the pro level. He was coming off his best collegiate year and continued that momentum into the summer. That momentum has only kept going, with Tsegakele playing in the first division in France. I love his game and can't wait to see how he has progressed after a year overseas.

Maurice Calloo

The second signing gets over the line for the Rattlers bringing in Surge bench option Calloo. I am very intrigued by this move from Saskatchewan, and surprised they pried away an important piece on the 2023 Surge roster. I assume this is because Calgary was so deep last season, Calloo did not get as big of an opportunity to showcase his skills and wanted out. More of a wing than a forward, he brings quite an offensive skillset to the Rattlers. He has a beautiful shooting stroke, being able to hit from all over the floor. As well he can put the ball on the ground and get to the rim. Not a fantastic defender or rebounder but the offensive firepower is what is the key here. It seems to be that on the better teams he's on, he is a more than solid bench option (looking at the Surge last season and even going back to 2022 with the Oregon State Beavers). Depending on who the other signings are, I can see Calloo potentially being a starter, but also a really really good bench player. His shooting ability is exactly the direction the Rattlers want to go in with their roster, while his size makes him an even more tempting option. His best performances have seen him as a starter or heavy load bench option, which I hope is the direction Saskatchewan will go with.

Adong Makuoi

A second resigning for the Rattlers sees another young player come back for 2024. Makuoi is similar to other forwards, in that he is a physical big that hustles and plays hard. He isn't going to wow you with anything, but is a good defender and mobile rim protector. He played in all 20 games last summer with the Rattlers and even started in 12 of those games. I would assume he has the same role as last year, but he is having a good season in Cypress.

Cody John

This is an interesting pickup for the Rattlers. Cody John is a different style of player than Saskatchewan normally likes to acquire. John is a defensive, slashing guard that has a more rugged playstyle. While he is better getting downhill, John has shown improvement shooting the three ball, more so this season. He's a great defender, normally getting other teams toughest matchups. An interesting addition to this Rattlers team, that normally is all about the three ball and not so much the physical style of John. I do wonder after having success with the Honey Badgers, how this fit works out.

Emmanuel Bandoumel

This was a player I wasn’t too familiar with, but after doing the research, this is a perfect signing for the Rattlers. Bandoumel is a great fit for the system that Saskatchewan wants to run. He’s a good scorer, doing a good chunk of his damage from deep. He has above average athleticism, which allows him to run the floor. Also an underrated defender as well, which fits a couple of the other players signed this off-season. Those are all attributes of that style of play the Rattlers want to play. Smart acquisition.

Elijah Harkless

New Rattlers head coach Larry Abney has brought in a familiar face across the border with him. Harkless was with Abney, playing for the Ontario Clippers of the G-League and showing solid contributions. He is a good shooter that can get it done off the catch or dribble. Has some sneaky athleticism and has shown the ability to pick pockets at every level he’s been at. Harkless has also shown the ability to be a high level playmaker. The first American on this Saskatchewan roster is a really good one and I have a feeling that he will be the main guy for them at least to begin the 2024 season.

Bryson Williams

I think if there was an opportunity to bring in the entire Ontario Clippers team from this past season, coach Abney would do it. He's brought in another to fill up that second American roster spot. Williams isn't much of a shooter and does much of his damage inside the arc. He does shoot a pretty good percentage otherwise as well. He is also a very versatile defender that can guard 3-5 or if needed more. He is a fantastic rebounder and a good rim protector. While I can see him having a big impact this summer, I have a feeling he might be a little underwhelming because of his style of play.

Somto Dimanochie

This signing really feels based on young potential. Dimanochie had been a two time draft pick of the Stingers the last two seasons. He dealt with injuries last year and never really got going. He’s a rim protecting big man that can rebound and score a little inside. Potential double-double monster. Hasn’t gotten a ton of run at the professional level, so we will see if he gets any this summer and what he does with it.

Julian Roche

Roche returns for his second season in Saskatchewan. Another solid interior big man that’s a good scorer inside on great percentages, decent rebounder and an alright rim protector. Another depth piece here for the Rattlers, we’ll see how much run Roche gets again this summer.

Jalen Harris

One of the best players in the CEBL has a new home in the prairies. Harris makes the move over from the Shooting Stars to the Rattlers. He is a tall, athletic guard that can create for himself and others on offence, be a good enough defender while rebounding well for his size. Not a potent shooter, but solid enough to not give him the Ben Simmons treatment. He will be Saskatchewans best player in 2024 and we will see if he can carry his team to the playoffs like Justin Wright-Foreman attempted to.

Grant Basile

While this Rattlers roster is quite underwhelming, I think Basile will be a player that has a ton of success in the league. Essentially a do it all forward that can score at all three levels well, rebound a good bit, be a decent defender and even handle the ball if need be. Has similar skill sets to Jackson Rowe and Brody Clarke, (maybe even better) which makes me believe he’ll really succeed in this league. Just not sure how the other talent around him will be.

Ottawa Blackjacks

Here are the Ottawa Blackjacks' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

James Jean-Marie

Another solid defending bench player re-signing that has scoring upside. The French Canadian is having a solid year in Hungary and should provide solid depth to the Blackjacks this summer.

J.D. Muila

Muila is a name I wasn't too familiar with and had to do some research on. Muila is a inside bruiser who scores in the post with a multitude of moves and is a good rebounder in the paint. He is a non-shooter who also struggles at the foul line. While he is playing well in Norway, the CEBL would be a step up competition significantly. We will see if this good first year pro will translate this summer.

Javon Masters

The leader in all-time U Sports scoring has returned the play basketball in his home country. Masters' has found ways to get buckets in Romania and this season specifically, the second division of France. He is a shifty guard that likes to get to the rim and is crafty in his finishes. He's a threat from beyond the arc and can get it done off the bounce. He won't wow you in really any other category, but he won't need to. If the Blackjacks are to bring back Kadre Grey, they will have a primary scorer to go along side him and give Grey more room to work with. Very good signing for Ottawa.

Peter Jok

The fourth signing has come across the table for the Ottawa Blackjacks. I had to do a bit of research on Jok, but after a couple clips it was clear: this guy can shoot the ball. Currently playing in the NBA G-League, Jok is a long wing that can hit catch and shoot shots, or take it off the bounce. He is a shooting threat in many different leagues he's played in. Jok will use his length to help him rebound and defend, which sees him record more stats than you'd think for his playstyle. I am very intrigued to see what his role is with the Blackjacks and as well, what slot he takes in terms of roster construction. He is originally from South Sudan, but has spent a good amount of time in the U.S. If he doesn't count as an American import player, that opens up different moves for Ottawa's roster construction.

Keevan Veinot

Another player I wasn’t too familiar with, but really intrigued to see this summer. Veinot really feels like that do it all guard you can comfortably put on your roster. He can score it a bit, at the rim or shooting it. He has great IQ and is a decent passer. Also can rebound the ball well for his position. My assumption is that Veinot is more of a bench option for the Blackjacks, but definitely could start if need be.

Ibrahim Watson

With the Blackjacks having signed Peter Jok, it's hard to say if this is their first or second American signing. Either way, Ibi Watson is a great pick up for Ottawa. Having had some experience in the G-League, Watson is tearing it up in Sweden this year. He can shoot the ball at a high clip from three, and hit shots off the dribble from beyond the arc and in the mid-range. He will score at the rim if given to him, but mainly a jump shooter. Watson will grab a couple boards being a taller guard. I'm not sure if he will be the Blackjacks main scoring option, but he certainly be apart of their offence.

Brandon Sampson

A return for a former CEBL star. Sampson was first in the league back in 2022 with the now defunct Newfoundland Growlers. He showed incredible scoring touch all over the floor and really showed his skill being a primary scorer. An alright defender, he mainly hangs his hat on his ability to get steals. All in all, either this is the Blackjacks second or third American signing, depending on whether or not Jok is considered American or an import. Either way it’s a great addition to a team that needed a primary offensive player. A trio of Sampson, Watson and Masters should do the trick.

Joel Brown

In a string of first year pros being signed recently, Brown is the first of two the Blackjacks recently made. Brown, a recent graduate of Iona, is a do a little bit of everythibg guard that doesn’t have one major strength. He is solid at getting to the rim, will hit open shots for the most part, will rebound and playmake a little bit. Very solid defender and really good at reading passes and picking pockets. Overall not a real major needle moving move, but a solid contributor behind the scoring guards Ottawa has.

Kevin Otoo

In that same vein as Brown, Otoo is coming off his final year of collegiate play and looking to make a move onto the professional scene. In that similar mold to Brown as well, he attacks the rim, isn’t the best three point shooter, rebounds well for a guard and is a solid defender that gets steals. Both he and Brown have contrary styles to what the other Blackjack guards offer. Should give a good change of pace on the floor when either of them check in.

Yasiin Joseph

Joseph is one of the many last minute signings the Blackjacks have made over the last week and a bit. Another Canadian guard to add to a crowded room that Ottawa alresdy has. Solid player that can shoot the ball a little bit, score inside a little and be a playmaker. Has the ability to rack up steals on offence.

JaKeenan Gant

Another American joins the Blackjacks ranks. Gant is a solid forward that should add to a underwhelming room that is definitely behind many of the other teams in the league. He can do a little bit of everything from the wing, score at a solid rate, shoots the ball decently, can rebound a little bit and plays solid defence. Good two-way addition for Ottawa.

Jermel Kennedy

Super experienced Canadian wing that’s been around the league for awhile. Not much of an offensive guy, but can shoot the ball a little. His longer arms make him a solid defender and giving him the ability to alter shots and poke balls loose from ball handlers. Decent rebounder too. This could be Kennedy’s final ride and should contribute solid minutes to the Blackjacks bench.

Tyrrel Tate

Tate returns for his third season with the Blackjacks, and fifth overall in the CEBL. The veteran American forward is a good shooter that is an ok rebounder and defender. Other than a shooting role player, not much else here. Alright returnee.

Abu Kigab

Kigab, familiar with the CEBL and the Blackjacks is back for a second consecutive season. The tall young guard had a breakout year in Europe, showing good scoring ability at the rim, a work in progress jumper and good athleticism. He’s also showed great upside as a defender and being able to disrupt ball handlers. Along with Tate, two players that know the Ottawa system and are solid role players.

Lloyd Pandi

Big fan of Pandi and what he brings to a team. He had a decorated career at the U Sports level, and so far it’s carrying him far in Europe. He’s a fantastic defender that is always guarding teams best players. Those stops will also show up on the box score in the form of steals. Pandi is also a solid finisher on offence, and rebounds really well for his size. He is still working on his jump shot being more consistent at the pro level, but at only 24, he has tons of time to improve. Really love this add by Ottawa.

Alonzo Walker

The final player of the recent signing barrage by the Blackjacks is Walker. He rounds out their potential forward core for 2024. He’s a slashing wing that does well in the pain on offence and defence. Speaking of defence he’s an alright defender too. Still working on his jumper, as he hits them at an alright clip, just doesn’t take them too often. Another role player added to the Ottawa roster.

Edmonton Stingers

Here are the Edmonton Stingers' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Brody Clarke

Arguably the best player on last season's Stingers roster is back. Clarke is a modern big man who is mobile, can play either the four or the five while scoring inside and out. He is also an above average rebounder and rim protector. Clarke is a key piece to a Stingers team looking to build off of what was a better second half of the season and playoff success.

Elijah Miller

Another smart "Protected List" re-signing for the Stingers. Miller was a bench option for much of the year, up until Adika Peter-McNeilly got hurt halfway through the summer. The Miller was thrust into a starting role and thrived until he himself got injured. More of a scoring guard, Miller can get it done inside or outside the arc. He has also showed upside in creating for his teammates and is a average defender. A young piece that Head Coach and General Manager Jordan Baker wanted to bring back, and someone who he believes will take another jump with his club this summer.

Adika Peter-McNeilly

So far the Stingers have only brought back players on their "Protected List" but they are good, smart signings. APM, a former 6th Man of The Year winner, is a great bench guard who scored, rebounds and playmakes a bit. He is also a decent defender to go along with what he brings on the other side of the court. APM only appeared in 10 games last summer, where his season ended by injury. We will see how he bounces back in a familiar environment, where he has been in the league every single season of its existence and even with the same franchise.

Nick Hornsby

The fourth signing for the Stingers is another familiar face from last years 2023 roster. Hornsby is a jack of all trades, master of none forward. He scores decently well at all three levels, can be a point forward and is a good rebounder. He is a solid player to bring back and it really feels like coach Jordan Baker is just trying to run the 2023 team once over with a restart. They started out slow but found their stride late on and even won the playoff play-in game. Edmonton would contend almost immediately with their exact same roster.

Kameron Chatman

While the Stingers have brought back mainly 2023 contributors, they did dip into the market for one of the better returning scorers available. Chatman has proved to be a bucket getter at every single level he has played at. The smooth shooting southpaw is a danger from all three levels, but relies mostly on his jump shot to get the majority of his points. He is a major catch and shoot threat and does a lot off the bounce, but mostly in the mid range. He can finish at the rim well enough, but won't catch him in the paint too too often. He will post up some and do some damage from there as well. That's mostly to do with his height mismatch he will have on most defenders. Chatman only played the first six games last summer, before being sidelined by a hand injury. That hasn't seemed to affect him so far in Czechia. I am curious to see how Chatman works in the coach Baker "by committee" system. Either way, this could make Edmonton really scary if they are able to make it work.

Mike Nuga

Oh boy, are the Edmonton Stingers ever loading up for the 2024 season. This signing is even more backcourt insurance for the Stingers, who had some injuries to deal with last summer. Nuga was previously with the Saskatchewan Rattlers and was a very solid starter for them. He has shown to be more of an outside the arc guard, hitting threes at a decent clip on high volumes. He is a better than you'd think finisher for his size and can run an offence at a good pace. He defends alright, but has quick hands and feet to get steals and jump into passing lanes. His spacing along with decent playmaking skills should allow Nuga to play a good chunk of minutes for Edmonton. Looking at this lineup currently, it should be one that competes at the top of the Western Conference. If they can find another solid wing contributor, this squad is going to be really scary.

Jermaine Haley

This was a guy I was super excited to see last season with the Stingers, but unfortunately got injured before he could make his CEBL debut. Haley is back for 2024, ready to make his long awaited debut in Edmonton. The former West Virginia Mountaineer is a really good two way player that can score inside with contact, hit the outside shot a decent bit and is a pretty decent defender. He's good for a good chunk of steals too, getting into passing lanes and bothering ball handlers. As a wing he will contribute to rebounding as well a decent bit. All in all, Haley is the perfect player for Baker's system.

Ben Krikke

After a successful graduating season with the University of Iowa, Krikke signs his first professional deal with his hometown club. He’s a really good scorer in the paint, playing mainly with his back to the basket. He is an alright rebounder, but isn’t going to be spectacular. Also has some a little upside to shoot it from deep, but really isn’t his game. I really like this addition to the Stingers, as this is essentially another Clarke on the roster, but with less shooting and a little less playmaking ability. Great bench option for coach Baker.

Davion Warren

Second American slot used by the Stingers here on Warren. He's a great finisher at the rim, along with having good athleticism. Historically hasn't been very good behind the arc as a shooter, but does shoot free throws well. He isn't much of a rebounder and doesn't do too much as a distributor, but is a little underrated there. Warren's playstyle is very much different that the other guards on this roster, which should allow coach Baker to scheme a little differently with him on the floor. His shooting ability might be the only thing that holds him back in the CEBL.

Ryan Richmond

While reading Richmond's resume, I was very impressed by what he did in NCAA DII, and even in the second division in Germany. It is yet to be determined if he'll get it done in the CEBL, but he certainly has the possibility to. He is a great scorer, doing most of his damage with his jumper, either from the midrange (where he is really good) or behind the arc. Can also get his shot off, off of the dribble as well. Richmond is a decent finisher at the rim too, while being a distributor going downhill. He is an alright defender too. This team that Edmonton is building has so many options and might be the deepest team in the league.

Jacob Evans III

This might be one of the better ways to round out a roster. A former NBA draft pick, Evans is the perfect player for the Stingers. He is a great defender, having the ability to switch onto multiple positions, can get to the rim decently well, and is an alright three point shooter. As well, he has the ability to be a playmaker for others. Also a very solid rebounder. Just a perfect all-around skillset that fits exactly the kind of mold of player coach Baker loves to have on his roster. Bringing in Evans might be the cherry on top of Edmonton's best chances of getting to the top of the Western Conference.

Montréal Alliance

Here are the Montréal Alliance's signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Alain Louis

One of my favourite younger players in the CEBL, Louis took a great leap forward in 2023. He became the main guard for the Alliance and took that a step further throughout the season, becoming one of their key cogs later into the season. I would assume even if the Alliance bring back star two guard Ahmed Hill, Louis will get plenty of touches. His speed, playmaking and scoring ability at the rim is so much fun to watch. He also showed upside shooting from beyond the arc, which could add a great extra wrinkle to his game.

Elijah Ifejeh

Not a flashy signing by any means here from the Alliance, but one of depth and familiarity. Ifejeh was one of only two players to play all 20 games last season and played about the same number of minutes as games played last season. He is a, do a little bit of everything forward that scores some and rebounds well. My assumption is he keeps his bench role and continues to improve, as he was even the Alliance's most improved player.

Maxime Boursiquot

As we get later into this Free Agency period, the more we see player movement throughout the league. Boursiquot having previously been on Ottawa's protected list, it seems he wanted a change of scenery this summer. He is a do-it-all forward that is more so defensive oriented. He can finish at the rim, shoot the three ball a little bit and rebound at a decent rate. He'll be a good bench piece for a rebuilding Alliance squad.

Ahmed Hill

One of the CEBL’s all-time leading scorers has returned for another year, and staying in Montreal. Hill is a three level scorer that does most of his damage from the three point line. Is athletic enough to overcome his not as good defending to make some splash plays. He and Louis started to build a monster duo, and I am super excited to see them continue that in 2024.

Jahenns Manigat

This is an underrated add by the Alliance, bringing in a veteran like Manigat. This will be his third go-around in the CEBL, this time with his hometown club. He has a great three point jumper, while being a plus defender. Very solid two-way player for Montréal.

Chris Smith

Really good athlete joining the Alliance ranks. Smith, a former UCLA Bruin, is a decent finisher to go along with that good athleticism. He isn't the best shooter, nor great free throw shooter. What he does bring is very good defence with the ability to switch onto different positions. Decently solid player that could come off the bench for Montreal.

Jaden Edwards

Another American import slot used here for a player that was here in the CEBL last season. Edwards has been tearing it up in Denmark doing a little bit of everything on the offensive end. He's also been a surprisingly good rebounder for his size, while being an average defender. He didn't have a big role the last time he was here, but with Montreal, there will definitely be an opportunity for him to show off his skills.

Jordan Bowden

A backcourt of Louis, Hill and Bowden should put the Alliance within touching distance of other clubs in the Eastern Conference. Bowden is a decent scorer at the rim, somewhat of an alright jump shooter, albeit inconsistent, an ok rebounder and not much of a playmaker. He is a pretty decent defender, so his upside is a very solid three and D player in the CEBL. Has good size and is a good athlete. Really like this pickup as it helps out Montreal's guard room.

Niagara River Lions

Here are the Niagara River Lions' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Khalil Ahmad

The reigning Defensive Player and Clutch Player of the Year is back with the River Lions. While Ahmad was a later addition to the Niagara roster, it did not take him long to get settled back into a familiar league. His stats speak for themselves. A prolific scorer inside and out, while also being a menace on defence. Did I mention that he was also a MVP runner-up last season and won the award in 2022? Ahmad is the key to this River Lions squad and they'll be happy to have him back.

Jahvon Henry-Blair

Blair will once again be Ahmad's running mate in the back court for 2024. He is a responsible guard that doesn't give up the ball too much, playmakes in small bunches but is another scoring threat for the River Lions when on the floor. Blair does most of his damage from beyond the arc, where he was among the best in the CEBL at 44%. He and Ahmad will be hugely important for Niagara's push towards another top spot in the Eastern Conference and in the league overall.

Eddie Ekiyor

Returning for his second year with the River Lions, Ekiyor is enjoying an explosive second pro year with Sporting CP in Portugal and is hoping for it to carry over into the summer. The 6'9" forward was also good with Niagara in 2023, where he split time between starting and coming off the bench and bringing big contributions on minimal shot attempts. He is an above average rebounder and can protect the rim decently well. Another important piece to the River Lions success is accounted for and should keep their ceiling high for this summer.

Antonio Davis Jr.

The fourth signing in a single day for the River Lions, but this one no less important than the three previous. Davis is returning for his third straight summer to Niagara and brings valuable play to a talented squad. A do it all Swiss Army knife forward, he is versatile in where he can slot into a lineup and the multitude of stats that will be filled on a score sheet. Scoring more so inside, Davis also has enough range in his game to make you pay from deep. Another good rebounder from the wing spot and a solid defender. After announcing the four different player signings this afternoon, the River Lions look poised for another push a top of the CEBL. With Ahmad and Davis, they also still have another U.S. import slot available to them.

T.J. Lall

The River Lions are truly attempting to run it back with the EXACT same roster as 2023 in bringing Lall back. He was a versatile bench option that can do a bit of everything for Niagara. The 6'6" forward can shoot, rebound, defend and even handle the ball if need be. He is truly a Swiss Army knife on a team that has many of them. If the River Lions continue to bring back the exact same squad, they will most likely be contenders once again.

Kimbal Mackenzie

The returnees keep stacking up for Niagara bringing back their backup point guard Mackenzie. While he was a later addition last season, he is a CEBL veteran that brings a lot to the table. He is very careful with the basketball and crafty with it as well. Mainly a table setting guard but will score if needed. He can hit the three, but wasn't so successful last summer. His bread and butter is getting to the rim, creating in the mid range and working in transition. Not to mention he is a solid defender to pair with Ahmad when they play together. Six members of the 2023 team down, only a couple left to go at this point. I do truly wonder if they bring back that entire squad for a full 20 games if they become the team to beat in 2024.

Nathan Cayo

The River Lions make their first non-resigning a good one and get even deeper by bringing in Cayo. He was one of the main focal points in the Alliance's offence last season and showed that he can shoulder a heavier workload. Another one of those guys that has shown he can get it done all over the floor. He gets to the rim, hits catch and shoot jumpers and finds ways to score. He also is a good defender and decent rebounder. Cayo is more of a plus offensive player, but playing for the River Lions should mean he is more focused on that end of the floor anyway with all the defensive talent and system Niagara has. The River Lions look very very deep by adding Cayo, after bringing back almost every single important piece from 2023's roster. Being their seventh signing, there isn't many more moves to be made, but I am sure Niagara will find more pieces to add to this already great puzzle.

Elijah Lufile

The Niagara River Lions continue to add to their already impressive roster. While Lufile is not the most flashy signing, he will still add to the good depth to this deep team. What Lufile brings to the table is good inside play. He's a decent finisher inside, a really good rebounder and an ok defender. He isn't a home run pickup, but Lufile is a good player to have on your team to do the dirty work. He ended up playing for both teams that reached the 2023 CEBL championship and had small rolls with both. He is effective in those shorter spurts and I would very much assume he will have that same roll with the River Lions.

Aaryn Rai

Oh boy do the Niagara River Lions have a team. Aaryn Rai is the ninth and most recent signing to this already loaded 2024 roster. Rai brings size being a taller guard/forward that is very versatile in where you can play him, which fits perfectly with the River Lions style of play. He is great at getting to the rim and finishing through contact, or using a euro step to beat defenders. He'll mainly use that euro to beat defenders in transition, where he is very effective pushing the break. He also shoots the three ball at a decent clip, but doesn't take too many a game. Because of his size, Rai is a beast on the boards and is quick enough to also jump into passing lanes. Not only is he good with the ball in his hands on the break, he can also use his dribble to create for himself. He is such a versatile player and brings a lot to the table. With nine players on this roster, this will essentially be a good core of Niagara's team this summer. With these pieces alone, it should vault them into contention for the Eastern Conference title.

Omari Moore

Another player joining the River Lions that has the exact playstyle they look for. Moore has the ability to take over on offence, mainly at the rim, as his jumper is quite inconsistent. He's an underrated playmaker and rebounds well enough for his size. He also has two-way versatility being a longer guard, able to defend multiple positions. Super solid signing by Niagara.

Loudon Love

The current final spot on the Niagara roster is filled by Love. He is an old school big man that does all of his work inside the paint, scoring around the rim, rebounding at a good rate, and an alright rim protector. He's also mobile, which allows him to defend out on the perimeter and run some offence outside the arc. I do wonder what his role really is with a River Lions roster that has a lot more versatility. E.J. Onu had a similar skillset and was one of the best defenders in the league, so we will see if Love can produce similarly.

Brampton Honey Badgers

Here are the Brampton Honey Badgers' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Prince Oduro

The first signing for the Honey Badgers is finally over the line and it is not a small one in any form. Oduro was one of the first players off the bench last season and played well in that role. He is a mobile big man that scores well inside and protects the paint well. He had a top five field goal percentage in 2023 which is a nice plus. He and Jeremiah Tilmon were so good for that inside attack. I mentioned he protects the paint well and by that I mean Oduro is a great rebounder as well as rim protector. I am not sure if the 25 year old starts this summer, but is great insurance if Tilmon doesn't come back or even if he does, it's great bench depth.

Zane Waterman

One of my favourite players in the CEBL. Waterman is a modern four man who can shoot it from deep, put the ball on the floor a little and get to the rack. He rebounds well for his style of play and is an alright defender. He's also a little mobile, so he does have the ability to switch onto smaller defenders. Smart for Brampton to bring him back as he's familiar with the club and has showed well in the CEBL. It should be interesting to see how the Honey Badgers rebuild their roster this season. First American import slog used on Waterman.

Shamiel Stevenson

This will be the third summer Stevenson has returned home to play in the CEBL and second straight with the Honey Badgers. While not a super flashy player, he brings a solid level of play to any team he is on. Great athleticism along with good finishing sees Stevenson be good on both ends at the rim. He doesn't mind putting the ball on the floor and can get to the hoop that way or get up and go in transition. He has touch in the mid-range and will shoot the three from time to time, but it really isn't his game. He has a good frame which allows him to be in and around the hoop for some boards. Stevenson is a solid player that has a little more upside than your typical "do it all" player in the CEBL. I would assume he has a hybrid starting/bench roll once more in 2024.

Yaw Obeng-Mensah

While this isn’t a groundbreaking move from the Honey Badgers, this just feels right. Like many of the other rosters that Brampton has had, here is another forward that loves to play inside, be a bruiser on the boards and finishes with power at the rim. He is super high energy and is a versatile defender. Not sure if he will get too much run, but more of a good first professional experience for development. If Obeng-Mensah does get an opportunity, his play style will slot right in.

Ayub Nurhussien

A somewhat interesting acquisition here by Brampton. While this will be Nurhussien’s first professional experience, he will be on a Developmental contract, so that he has the opportunity to return to Ontario Tech in the fall. He does a little bit of everything on the floor, as a taller forward. Nurhussien has the ability to shoot the ball somewhat, finish at the rim as well. An underrated rebounder too. Not sure how much he gets a chance to play, but with the Honey Badgers younger roster make-up, it might be better than I think.

Petros Melissaratos

One of the very few International import slots used by teams, and one of those players goes here to Brampton. Melissaratos is a Greek professional veteran that’s showed really great ability to score inside on high percentages. He’s shown the willingness to shoot from the outside on good splits as well, but on limited attempts. He’s an alright rebounder for the forward spot, but makes up for it by being a good defender and blocking shots. I would make the assumption that he will come off the bench for this Honey Badgers squad, but with his experience I could see him starting to begin the year.

LJ Thorpe

Here is the second American import slot used by the Honey Badgers. Thorpe, having recently played in Lithuania this season, scores the ball well at the rim, is an inconsistent shooter and great distributor. He is an alright defender that’ll grab a steal here and there. Thorpe definitely fits that younger demographic team Brampton is going for, and should show well here in Canada.

Lincoln Rosebush

Similarly to Obeng-Mensah, Rosebush is the type of big man that Brampton likes to have at their five spot. Solid finisher inside with good splits, as well as a good rebounder. He even showed upside as a passer. Defended well by showing the ability to get blocks and the occasional steal. While having just finished his final year at the U Sports level, you might not think he would be able to contribute at the pro level, but you might be surprised. Definitely fits that younger core that Brampton is looking to run with this summer.

Javonte Cooke

Third and final American import slot is used on Cooke. He's coming off a very solid year in the G-League where he was very productive shooting inside and respectable behind the arc. He rebounded well for a guard at around five a game, but wasn't too much of a playmaker. Cooke was a decent enough defender as well, snagging some steals. Currently looking at this Honey Badgers roster, Cooke will for sure be their best offensive player, unless another acquisition is made. He may have to carry the majority of the load for this squad.

Scarborough Shooting Stars

Here are the Scarborough Shooting Stars' signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Cat Barber

It is almost the end of April, and the Shooting Stars have just signed their first player for the 2024 summer. Of course it is their star guard Barber coming back for another year. He is the CEBL's all-time leading scorer, which is a tell in what he does best in its self. A great re-signing for Scarborough, and a good step forward for this upcoming season.

Kalif Young

Another familiar face of the Shootings Stars championship team in 2023 has returned. While Young isn’t the most flashy player, he gets a lot of the dirty work done. He does all of his damage on the inside, rebounding the ball really well and finishing tough through contact. Good work from Scarborough to bring him back.

Danilo Djuricic

So far the reigning champs have only brought back players who were on their roster in 2023. While he isn't the biggest name on the market, Djuricic is a very solid bench option for the Shooting Stars. He brings a little bit of everything in his skillset. Being able to knock shots down from deep, get to the rim and finish, and rebounding well for a wing that mainly plays on the outside. Also has been known to put one down on a putback. Just like Young, this is a very solid re-signing from Scarborough. Another player that is familiar with their organization and will bring renewed chemistry to their lineup.

Kyree Walker

I love the Scarborough Shooting Stars bringing back Walker to the team. Having helped them win the CEBL championship last season, he will be a key part of them doing so once more in 2024. He has great athleticism, loves getting to the rim, is a little inconsistent with his jumper but can get flaming hot if a couple go down. Really good at picking pockets and jumping passing lanes, which makes up for his not so great defence. An underrated rebounder as well for his size. Don't expect him to be much of a playmaker, but you bring in Walker to fill the bucket. He was a great replacement for Jalen Harris after he left for a Summer League opportunity. So glad to see him back to elevate his stock once more.

Hason Ward

This is a little big of a head scratching move from the Shooting Stars. While the advantage of signing Ward is that he fills the International import slot for them, but I am not sure if he will bring a ton of value to the squad. Having just finished up his collegiate career with the Iowa State Cyclones, Ward is a high percentage inside threat that is a good defender and rim protector. While not having many other standout traits, this may be more about development than instant impact.

Jackson Rowe

This is a big pickup for the Shooting Stars. Rowe has a similar skill set to Edmonton Stingers player Brody Clarke. While not as good off the dribble, Rowe can shoot it reallt well, finish inside, and be a offensive driver at the top of the key. He’s athletic enough to guard multiple positions and is a good defender. He will elevate this roster tenfold with the impact he will have on games. Great addition.

Jaden Campbell

Campbell will be a first time pro this summer after spending his senior season with the Sanford Bulldogs. Having been mainly a scorer, Campbell has great athleticism and ability to finish at the rim. Showed off a very much improved jumper, while his other percentages have been respectable. That athleticism has helped him be a disruptive defender as well. Pretty decent get here, but still has to prove he can do it at the pro level. Will very much keep an eye on him this summer.

Kadre Gray

One of the last major question marks has been answered. I had been waiting to see where Gray would sign and he has decided to join the reigning champs. Gray is a do it all guard that is a three level scoring threat, can run an offence and be a fantastic distributor. Pretty decent defender too. Reigning Canadian Player of The Year. This acquisition puts the Shooting Stars into contention for the title this summer. What a talented guard room they’ve built.

Nick Lewis

Lewis returns to play for his hometown team after a couple years over in the BBL. Not the most efficient scorer, but has shown flashes of being a primary option. Alright rebounder and decent distributor, while being a pretty decent defender. With the current guard room, not sure how much run he gets, but Lewis is solid depth.

Devoe Joseph

This is an underrated pickup by the Shooting Stars. Joseph has tons of professional experience, is a good shooter, and overall has been a good scorer at the pro level. Also has rebounded at a decent rate, and showed flashes of being a good distributor. Alright defender too. Good depth added by Scarborough.

Shamar Givance

Givance has previously been signed by a CEBL team, but not given any opportunities. This will be his first, after finishing up his first professional season in Slovakia. He scored the ball at an exceptional rate inside the arc, and showed some potential from three, at a decent percentage. He rebounded well for his size and was a major distributor. Also played pretty decent defence. Like Lewis, with the guard talent that Scarborough has, there may be little minutes for him. Also good depth on the roster.

Tevian Jones

Jones will use up one of the American import slots on this roster, and should do so with a decent scoring touch. Played in the G-League this past year, he’s a taller guard/forward that can do a little bit of everyone on offence and be an ok defender. Isn’t much of a rebounder not going to fill the box score with many other stats. Very curious to see what his role is on this team, and what else he brings to the floor.

Donovan Williams

Williams is the final piece added to this Shooting Stars roster. Coming off a stellar season in the G-League, he showed a really good scoring touch, getting to the rim more so than from deep. While he has shown promise as a consistent shooter, that still needs to come along. Good athlete that uses that burst to get to the cup and be a difference maker on defence. What a back court that Scarborough has put together, and it might have them with the best roster in the entire league.

Calgary Surge

Here are the Calgary Surge's signings in CEBL Free Agency.

Sean Miller-Moore

I have to say, there is no other player that deserved to be signed back first for the Surge other than Miller-Moore. "Rugzy" is a tall guard scorer who does most of his damage at the rim and from mid range. You can also count him to grab some rebounds and run the offence at times collecting assists. Not a major cog in Calgary's league leading defence, but a pretty important part of it. He was an integral part of the Surge's 2023 trip to the CEBL Championship Game in Vancouver and will be once again. I am curious who they add around him as the rest of the roster fills out.

Stefan Smith

Miller-Moore's backcourt running mate is back for 2024. Smith was a key part of the Surge's run to the championship game last season. He can score from all three levels, distribute the ball to all of his teams weapons and plays really good defense. His quick hands cause many turnovers and Smith gets a good chunk of steals. Two returnees so far for the 2023 runners up and I think they'll have a good shot of pushing for a championship once more if they continue to bring back last seasons roster.

Malcolm Duvivier

The Surge are trying to load up their backcourt for this upcoming summer. Duvivier is a really good two-way scoring guard that is strong, is better getting to the rim but can also hit some shots from deep. He is a really good rebounder for his size and is a good defender. He's had a hybrid starting/bench roll over his previous four years with the Bandits. With Calgary already bringing back Smith and Miller-Moore, I would assume Duvivier will strictly come off the bench. Nonetheless, this is a great pickup for the Surge, only adding to their already good backcourt.

Corey Davis Jr.

The Calgary Surge just keep adding to their already impressive guard room. While Davis is a different mold of player to the other three already signed, he does bring something two of the others cannot. He is a great scorer, being able to get to the rim, pull up on a dime for mid-range jumpers and will hit at least a three or two on a night. Davis is shifty, which allows him to create a lot of space to get his jumper off. If he gets hot, watch out, he is a flamethrower. When he is on his game, he is a complete three level scorer and the outside jumpers will really fall. He has never really had to be too much of a playmaker, but does have upside in the pick and roll. He isn't a negative defender, but also isn't like a Stef Smith or Malcolm Duvivier. My assumption is that he's been brought in to be the secondary scorer next to Miller-Moore and just get buckets. I could also see Davis coming off the bench and being a Lou Williams (NBA style comparison) or a Jelani Watson-Gayle (CEBL comparison, not as good of a defender) just to give a couple of thoughts. These four guards should be a formidable group and the Surge should be proud to have one of the best guard groups again in 2024.

Gabe Osabuohien

I want to say that this is an interesting signing by the Surge, but the longer I think about it, the more I feel like this is a good get for them. Osabuohien is a longer strong wing that scores around the rim, and in the mid-range. More of a defender, he uses his long arms to disrupt shots and poke the ball loose from offensive players. His size and strength help him be able to guard multiple positions on the floor and is athletic enough to do so as well. He's shown some promise as a shooter, but does not take too many jumpers from the outside. Calgary loves to play smothering defence and they have enough scoring that they can go out to get a versatile defender like Osabuohien.

Emmanuel Ansah

This opportunity with the Surge will be Ansah's first professional experience and it is most certainly deserved. Having showed out for the University of Guelph this past year, he was able to showcase his many different skills. Ansah is a skilled shooter, and that is where I think that he will shine the most at the next level. He showed the ability to create space to get off his own shot at the U Sports level, and hit threes at a 40% clip. He used his size to bully past defenders and get to the rim, but that will have to come in time at the pro level. His size and athleticism should allow him to keep up with the jump in play. He also does rebound quite well for a wing. I'm assuming that his role will be quite minimal for a good portion of the season, but the Surge could have a gem on their hands if he can acclimate to the pro level.

Mathieu Kamba

Versatility seems to be the name of the game for Calgary, and it continues with Kamba. Another G/F that can do a bit of everything on the offensive side of the ball and be a solid defender on the other. I'm intrigued with how the Surge are building their roster so far, having only added guards and wings. But Kamba and others have the ability to play different places all over the floor and I would assume that is the hope with this roster.

Justin Lewis

For Calgary's second import slot, this one feels a little puzzling and feels more like a gamble than anything. Lewis has a successful sophomore season at Marquette two years ago and declared for the NBA Draft. He went undrafted and after two Summer League opportunities with the Bulls, found his way onto the Salt Lake G-League roster. An underwhelming year has seen him take this chance with the Surge to build up his stock. On paper, Lewis is a versatile forward that can guard 3-5 (just how Calgary likes it), and is a Swiss army knife on offence. If he can find a way to put it all together at the pro level, he could be a scary player. Think Brody Clarke with even higher upside.

Justin Jackson

Jackson returns to the Surge after a somewhat disappointing summer with them in 2023. While having had a bounce back year in the G-League, it shows promise that he could be an impact player in the CEBL. What Jackson brings to the table is solid stretch big shooting, while also being a decent rebounder and good enough defender. We will see if he has a better time with the Surge.

Billy Preston Jr.

I like this pickup for the Surge. Preston is a versatile forward that can play both spots, score a little inside and out while also rebounding at a high rate. Can also put the ball on the floor as well. Not the best defender, but has shown definite improvement there. Should be a pretty important piece for Calgary this summer.

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