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Manitoba Player Spotlight of The Week: Kismayo De Michael

The second edition of my Manitoba player spotlight of the week is here! This week’s spotlight is on another player in the class of 2025, and will be featuring 6’ 3” guard from Dakota Collegiate, Kismayo De Michael. In my opinion, he is the best scorer in Manitoba high school basketball right now. His three level scoring ability that allows him to take whatever the defence gives him, combined with his athleticism make him a candidate for top player in the province. I got a chance to ask De Michael what he thought his strengths were as a player and he has this to say:


“One of my strengths on the court is my ability to be able to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor, which makes it difficult for opponents to defend. I would also say my ability to create for my teammates and also being able to play around the rim. That can open up more scoring and playmaking opportunities.”


The most impressive part of De Michael’s game is that range he possesses. He is a danger as soon as he steps over half-court and isn’t afraid at all to let it fly. That range has defences gravitating towards him further from the basket, which allows him to find open teammates for easy buckets. It isn’t only the range that makes him dangerous to opposing defences. De Michael has no problem taking defenders off the bounce, hitting shots in the mid-range, even some off balance at times, and can finish at the rim with both hands. He will find every single hole that he can burn you and put more points on the scoreboard. I asked De Michael what he thought was the most underrated part of his game and this is what he chose:


“It would definitely be my defence. I have a lot of length and athleticism, so often teams struggle to play around that and gives me advantages to block, steal and the little things like creating loose balls.”


That combination of athleticism and length he possesses allowed De Michael to make plays that others may not be able to make. He picks his spots really well to jump the lanes on passes, pickpocket defenders and even get huge chase down blocks. If he does make a misplay, good chance he’ll use his quickness and his longer arms to get back into the play and make something happen. I also asked De Michael what his personal and team goals were for this season, and he has this to say:


“A goal I have for myself is to be ranked in the top 10 coaches poll at the end of this year. The goal for the Lancers is obviously win a provincial championship and that takes a lot to do. There’s still a long way to go in the season, but in my opinion I think it’s a goal we can accomplish.”


The third ranked Lancers are currently in the middle of SCAC league play and sit at a perfect 5-0 against the rest of the league. Their next big game will take place in the St. Vital Invitational Tournament, which they will be hosting. There will be three other ranked squads there, along with a couple other teams with talent. The tournament will be taking place between February 15th and 17th.


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